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University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
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Financial Aid:
Applicants total: 27107
Admissions total: 12618
Enrolled full time total: 6352
Enrolled part time total: 21
In State Undergraduate
In-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $4,477.00
In-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $1,786.00
In-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $149.00
Out of State Undergraduate
Out-of-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $25,694.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $2,847.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $856.00
In State Graduate
In-state average tuition for full-time graduates: $10,770.00
In-state required fees for full-time graduates: $1,872.00
In-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $449.00
Out of State Graduate
Out-of-state average tuition full-time graduates: $27,335.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time graduates: $2,701.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $1,139.00
Room and Board
On campus, room and board 2013-14: $9,520.00
On campus, other expenses 2013-14: $2,240.00
Off campus (not with family), room and board 2013-14: $9,520.00
Off campus (not with family), other expenses 2013-14: $2,240.00
Off campus (with family), other expenses 2013-14: $2,240.00
Books and Supplies
Books and supplies 2013-14: $1,080.00
Percent of undergraduate students receiving Federal student loans: 35%
Percent of full-time first-time undergraduates receiving any financial aid: 96%
Average amount of federal, state, local or institutional grant aid received: $5,610.00

Medical Assistant Programs at University of Florida

Athletic Training/Trainer
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Health/Health Care Administration/Management
Award: Doctor’s Degree – Research/scholarship

Physician Assistant
Award: Master’s Degree

Health/Health Care Administration/Management
Award: Master’s Degree

Scholarships at University of Florida

A. Didier Graeffe Scholarship
A. Ross & Cora B. Evans Endowed Scholarship Fund
A.C. Asbury, D.V.M. Equine Scholarship Fund
A.H. Krezdorn Memorial Scholarship
A.J. Spiegel Graduate Fellowship
A.S. Herlong Graduate Fellowship
A.T. Wallace Plant Science Scholarship
Addam Kellough Memorial Scholarship
Addison Franklin Marshall Scholarship in Civil Engineering Fund
African Safari Club of Florida Scholarship
Agricultural Women's Club Scholarship
Agriculture Institute of Florida Scholarship
Agronomy-Soils Club-Florida Foundation Seed Producers Scholarships
Ahrens Scholarship Fund
Airth, Clayton, Warren, & Sisier Scholarship Fund
Al & Belle Meyerson Merit Award
Alan C. Moore Undergraduate Scholarship
Alan Epstein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Albert G. Hall Fellowship Fund
Albert Holloway Graduate Fellowship
Albertson's Scholarship
Alfred M. Kohn Memorial Scholarships
Alice Charlotte Hogsett Award for Education for Women & Girls
Alice Zirger Memorial Scholarship
Allen G. Smajstria Scholarship
Alligator Scholarship
Allyn & Bacon-Longman Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award
Alpha One Foundation Graduate Fellowship
Alumni & Faculty Fellowship Fund for Clinical & Health Psychology
Alumni Scholarship-Education
Alumni Scholarships-Journalism & Communications
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Tuition Scholarship Fund, Florida Chapter
American Agrivest Endowment Scholarship
American Culinary Federation Scholarship
American Nuclear Society Nuclear Engineering Scholarship
American Nuclear Society Scholarship, Florida Section
American Society of Landscape Architecture Annual Scholarship, Jacksonville Section
American Society of Landscape Architecture, Florida Chapter Awards
AMT Member Scholarships
Amy Nicole DeGrove Memorial Scholarship
Amy Swisher Wilcox Scholarship Fund
Analysis Training Program (ATP)
Andrew Abel Dental Scholarship Fund
Angel Dogs Scholarship
Angelo Langadas Scholarship
Angelo Podes Scholarship Fund
Annette Kendall Katzoff Fellowship Fund
Annie C. Pound Scholarship in Engineering Fund
Anthony Section Memorial Scholarship
AOS (American Orchid Society)-11th WOC (World Orchid Conference) Scholarship Fund
APHA-ASP Mortar & Pestle Professionalism Award
Arikka Gregory Scholarship
Arnold J. "Red" Morway Memorial Graduate Fellowship
Arthur Blenn Anderson Scholarship Endowment
Arthur C. Andres Scholarship Fund
ASCP Scholarships
Asian Studies Research Award
Asian Studies Study Abroad Scholarships
Assistant Program Scholarships
Atwood Dunwody Scholarship Fund
Aviary & Cage Bird Society of South Florida Scholarship
Avonelle C. Noah Scholarship Fund
Award for Graduate Student Excellence in Soil & Water Science
B.K. & Betty C. Stevens Graduate Exercise & Sport Sciences (ESS) Scholarship
B.K. & Betty C. Stevens Undergraduate Scholarship
Bank of America Endowed MBA Fellowship Fund
Barbara A. & John M. Cirino Scholarship Fund
Barbara & Richard Anderson Scholarship
Barbara & William Mickelberry Scholarship
Barbara Gaynes Scholarship
Barber Scholarship School of Forest Resources & Conservation
Barry Douglas Memorial Fellowship
Barry M. Berish Scholarship
Basilios Michopoulos Scholarship
Batson-Siegel Fellowship
Bayard & Arthur Fawcett Scholarship Fund for Nursing Excellence
Beall's MBA Fellowship Fund
Beatrice Fairing Music Scholarship
Becker Scholarship Endowment
Benedict A. Silverman Scholarship
Berwick Health & Wellness Nontraditional Scholarship Award
Beverly Moseley Scholarship
Bhide Scholarship
Bill & Patti Alcorn Scholarship Endowment
Biotechnology Education Scholarship
Bishop Brothers Scholarship
Bob & Virginia Peart Scholarship Fund
Bob Leach Broadcasting Scholarship
Bobby F. McKown Scholarship
Boeing Scholarship
Brady S. Johnston Scholarship Fund
Branan Family Scholarship
Brendon O'Sullivan Award for Academic Excellence
Brent Schlueter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Brevard County Pharmacy Association Scholarship
Brian Gindy Scholarship Fund
Brian Riewald Memorial Fund Scholarship
Bridgett Bernadette Phillips Scholarship Fund
Brightest Students fo Faculty Scholarship
Broad & Cassel Florida Law Review Scholarship Fund
Broward County Pharmacy Association Jerry Elaine Klimetz Scholarship
Bucket Milikin Electrical Engineering Scholarship Fund
Buddy Baker Memorial Scholarships
Buddy Bishop Scholarship Fund
"Buddy" Davis Scholarship
Bussell Family Scholarship
Butler Polymer Research Laboratory Graduate Fellowship Award
C. Arnold Matthews Graduate Fellowship in Finance Fund
C. Howard McNulty MBA Endowment Scholarship
C.A. Boyd Scholarship
C.A. Pound, Jr., Fund in Engineering Scholarship
C.J. Miller Scholarship
C.P. & Lynn Steinmetz Scholarship-Fellowship
C.R. Walgreen's Scholarship
C.W. Reaves 4-H Dairy Scholarship Fund
Calder Race Course Scholarship Fund
CALS Alumni & Friends Scholarship
CALS Opportunity Alliance Scholarship
Calvin L. Korf Turfgrass Research Fund Scholarship
Cammie Greene Ross Scholarship
Camp, Dresser, & McKee Scholarship
Campbell Scholarship
Cappex Health Careers Scholarship
Carl E. Johnson Memorial Fund Scholarship
Carl Feiss Memorial Fund Scholarship
Carl Hiaasen Scholarship
Carlton Fields Scholarship Fund
Carlton Whitman Memorial Music Fund
Caroline Annette Cody Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn A. Novogrodsky Memorial Award for Artistic Pursuits
Carolyn & William Cramer, Jr. Scholarship
Carolyn D. Richardson Scholarship in Urban Entomology Fund Scholarship
CDM Scholarship
Cecil M. Webb Scholarship
Cecil N. & Cecile G. Smith Scholarship Fund
Center for Chemical Physics Graduate Fellowship
Center for Greek Studies Summer Study Abroad Scholarship
Central Florida Builders' Exchange Frank W. Reed Scholarship Fund
Central Florida Fair Endowment for Scholarships-Fellowships
CES Graduate Research-Travel Grant
Charles A. & Alma A. Hoffman Scholarship
Charles A. & Constance C. Stokes Chemical Engineering Graduate Fellowship Fund
Charles & Elsie Voelker Award
Charles & Elsie Voelker Scholarship
Charles & Margaret Foster Scholarship
Charles Andregg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles E. Dean-Fred Hull Award
Charles F. Hooper, Jr., Memorial Awards
Charles F. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles G. Wellborn, Jr. Scholarship
Charles H. Fairbanks Award
Charles Hardee Memorial Scholarship
Charles M. Palmer & Thelma Meredith Palmer Scholarship
Charles M. Shinn, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
Charles Vincent & Heidi Cole McLaughlin Scholarship
Charles W. Fessler, Jr. Scholarship
Charles W. Fessler, Sr., & Miriam A. Fessler Scholarship
Charlotte Liberty Scholarship-Veterinary Medicine
Charlotte M. Liberty Scholarships
Chastain Endowment for UF Students at the New World School of the Arts
Chemical Engineering Alumni Scholarships
Chemical Physics Scholarship
Chester Ferguson Scholarship Fund
Chris Patrick Scholarship Program
Chuck McPhilomy Scholarship
Civil Engineering Award
Claire Pitts Brown Scholarship Fund
Clarence & Lucille Dee Scholarship Fund
Clark Construction Group Fund Scholarship
CLAS Dean's Scholarship
Class of '59 Civil Engineering Scholarship
Claudia Ross Assistantship for Investigative Reporting
Cleo Talley Sanders Endowment Fund Scholarship
Cleve Hamm Scholarship
Clifford A. & Michele W. Schulman Tuition Scholarship
Clifford W. Crandall Scholarship Fund
Co-op Student Assistance Endowed Fund Scholarship
Coastal & Oceanographic Engineering Fellowship Fund
Coca-Cola Scholarships
Cokers, Myers, Schickel, Cooper, & Sorenson P.A. Scholarship
College of Nursing Endowed Scholarship Fund
College of Pharmacy Scholarships
College of Veterinary Medicine Golf Classic Endowment Scholarship
Colonel Allen R. & Margaret G. Crow Undergraduate Scholarship
Cope & Edna Newbern Fund Scholarship
Costello Awards
Crom Corporation Scholarship Fund
Cullen W. Banks, M.D., Scholarship Fund
Cunningham Scholarship Endowment
Curtis S. Fry Family Endowed MBA Fellowship Fund
Custom Copies & Textbooks Graduate Student Travel Fund Scholarship
CVS Scholarship
Cypen & Cypen Scholarship Fund
Cyrille & Joseph Weil Award
D. Glynn Davies National Justice Products Association Scholarship
D.A. Storms Scholarship
D.W. Ramsaur Distinguished Scholar Award Fund
Dade Behring-Emil Von Behring Scholarship
Dallas Montgomery Memorial Scholarship (a)
Dallas Montgomery Memorial Scholarship
Dalton S. Harrison Florida Irrigation Society Scholarships
Dan Valentine Memorial Scholarship
Daniel L. Koleos Undergraduate Scholarship
Daniel M. & Cheryl W. DuPree Real Estate Scholarship Fund
Danny Eggart Scholarship Fund
Darden Restaurants Diversity & Business Ethics Fellowship
Darrey A. Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund
David A. Grainger Scholarship
David E. Pitts Memorial Scholarship
David Howell, Jr., & Dan Howell Endowment in Electrical & Computer Engineering Scholarship
David L. Niddrie Memorial Scholarship
David L. Wilmot Prize for Excellence in Music Education Fund
David Lawrence, Sr., Scholarship
Davidson Graduate Travel Scholarship Fund
Dean, Mead, Egerton, Bloodworth, Capouano, & Bozarth P.A. Endowed Scholarship
Deanne Barlow Romrell Memorial Fund
Deborah F. Copeland Scholarship
Deedie Wrigley-Hancock Fellowship in Equine Colic Studies Fund
Dempsey R. Sapp, Sr., Urban Entomology Scholarship
Dental Hygiene & Dental Assistant Scholarship
Desantis Scholarship Fund
Design Build Institute of America Scholarship
Distinguished Order of Zerocrats Scholarship
Dixie Bayer Wellmon Scholarship Endowment
Don Miller 5th-Year Accounting Scholarship Fund
Don Thomas Memorial Scholarship
Don Wakeman Scholarship
Donald R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donna & John Hancock Scholarship
Dorini Family Graduate Tax Scholarship Fund
Doris Lowe & Earl & Verna Lowe Scholarship
Dorothy Morrison Undergraduate Scholarship
Dorothy Reaves String Scholarship Fund
Douglas Edwin Salisbury Scholarship
Douglas Janky Memorial Award
Dow Alumni Fellowship Fund
Dow Chemical Graduate Fellowship in Materials Science & Engineering
Doyle Conner Scholarship Fund
Dr. Barbara Noreen Roth Memorial Award
Dr. Charles W. LaPradd, Ph.D., Fellowship Fund
Dr. Clemons Lester Hallman Fellowship
Dr. Denny M. Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Frank C. Bolser Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Hannelore Wass Endowed Scholarship
Dr. James E. Harbin, Jr., Medical Scholarship Fund
Dr. James L. Wattenbarger Fellowship
Dr. John W. DeMilly, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Lawrence A. Hetrick Fund for Scholarships-Fellowships
Dr. Madelyn Lockhart Graduate Student Pre-Dissertation Travel Award
Dr. Mark David Buehler Scholarship Fund
Dr. Mark H. Trimble Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. Ralph Alexander Morgen Endowed Fellowship in Chemical Engineering
Dr. Robert E. Allen, Dr. Owen J. Holyoak & Dr. Paul R. Varnes Scholarship Fund
Dr. Vincent McGuire Scholarship
Dr. William R. Maples Scholarship Fund
Drs. Orman-Rhoton Fellowship Exchange
Dubow Scholarship Fund
Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation, Inc., Scholarship Fund
E. Lovelle Ahrano Scholarship Fund
E. Porter Horne Memorial Award
E. Robert Langley Scholarship Fund
E.F. Malagodi, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
E.T. York Jr. Award of Merit
Earl & Ruth Sawyer Fund Scholarship
Earl Wilmont Hartt Scholarship
Ebaugh Graduate Fellowship
Eccleston-Callahan Memorial Trust Scholarship
Eckerd Pharmacy Scholarship Fund
Edgar Martin Scholarship
Edith P. Pitts Music Scholarship Fund
Edna Croland Fund Scholarship
Edna L. Povey Fund Scholarship
Edward A. Fik Graduate Fellowship
Edward D. Danker Scholarship Fund
Edward Zabel Memorial Fund Scholarship
Edwin C. Kirkland & Mary Kirkland-Johns Scholarship
Eleanor K. Ruck Scholarship Fund
Electrical Engineering Faculty-Staff Scholarship
Elizabeth & Julius Wohlgemuth Scholarship
Elizabeth & William F. Leonard Endowment Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth E. Larsen Graduate Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth E. Larsen Music Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth Eaton Scholarship
Elizabeth Fuschetto Scholarship Fund
Ellen M. Black Scholarship
Elroy L. Decker Scholarship Fund
Else Duelund Scholarship
Emanuel & Raidie P. Merdinger Scholarship Fund
Emmanuel Bilirakis Pre-Medical Scholarship
Engineering Dean's Scholarship
Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Particle Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship
Engineering Undergraduate Scholarships
Entomology Society of America Undergraduate Scholarship
Environmental Alumni Scholarship
Environmental Writing Scholarship
Ergle-Philmon Scholarship
Eric M. Gorbach Scholarships of Bitner.Com
Ernest B. & Estelle Pierce Bowles Memorial Scholarship
Ernest F. Lamothe Agricultural Scholarships Fund
Ernest G. Atkin Memorial Fund Scholarship
Ernst Award
Esther Guthery Mautz & Robert Barbeau Mautz Law Review Scholarship
Eta Sigma Phi Classics Enrichment Scholarship
Ethel L. Ingraham Theatre Scholarship Fund
Eugene Chester Tersenbach Memorial Scholarship
Evan J. Yegelwel Fellowship
Evelyn Hartman Scholarship Fund
Everett L. Holden & Marian G. Holden Scholarship
Everett R. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Fund
F. Andrew Warden Scholarship
F. Eugene Tubbs Critical Burn Nursing Scholarship Fund
F. Graham McKeel MBA Fellowship Fund
F. Joseph Kemker Fellowship in Audiology Fund
F. Louis Wolff Scholarship
F.A. Woods Awards
F.N. Rhines & W.R. Tarr Scholarship Fund
Faculty-EDSA Scholarship Award
Fahlen Endowed Teaching Scholarship Fund
Fannie Mae MBA Term Scholars Fellowship
Farm Credit of Central Florida Scholarship
Farm Credit of North Florida Scholarship
Farm Credit of South Florida Scholarship
Farm Credit of Southwest Florida Scholarship
Federico A. Vilallonga Memorial Award
Ferendino Endowment Scholarship
Ferguson & Associates Equine Hospital Scholarship
Fernandez Family Scholarship-New World School of the Arts
Fernandez Scholarship
First Bankers MBA Fellowship Fund
First Coast Award
Fisher MBA Fellowship Fund
FL-GA Alliance for Minority Participation (FGAMP)
Flora & Richard Ward Scholarship
Florence W. Ruebush Endowment Scholarship
Florida Agricultural Conference & Trade Show Scholarship
Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame Scholarship
Florida Association of Agricultural Educators (FAAE) Scholarship
Florida Association of Broadcasters (FAB) Leroy Collins Memorial Scholarship
Florida Association of County Agricultural Agents Outstanding Extension Education Student Scholarship
Florida Business Roundtable Scholarship
Florida Cattlemen's Association Scholarship
Florida Cattlewomen's Association Scholarship
Florida Chapter, Soil & Water Conservation Society Scholarship
Florida Chapters of the Federation of Garden Clubs, Grants, & Scholarships
Florida Dairy Products Scholarship
Florida Department of Agricultural & Consumer Services, Office of Agricultural Water Policy-Mary Bramble Aller Scholarship
Florida Dietetic Association Scholarship
Florida Entomological Society Scholarships
Florida Environmental Scholarship Fund
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Scholarship-H. Harold Hume
Florida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association Scholarship
Florida FFA Foundation Memorial Scholarship
Florida Forestry Foundation Scholarship
Florida North Chapter-AIA Scholarship Fund
Florida Pest Control Tuition Awards
Florida Press Club Scholarship
Florida Public Relations Associations (FPRA) Frank Rathbun Scholarship
Florida Realtors Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund
Florida Road Builders Scholarship
Florida Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Endowed Scholarship
Florida Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Fund 4-H Scholarship
Florida Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Scholarship Fund in Agriculture
Florida Santa Gertrudis Association Scholarship
Florida Section ASAE (American Society of Agricultural Engineers) Scholarship Fund
Florida Section Institute of Food Technologists Undergraduate Scholarship
Florida Section Institute of Traffic Engineering Scholarship
Florida Surveying & Mapping Society Scholarship Fund
Florida Veterinary Medicine Association Scholarship Fund
Florida Worker's Compensation Institute, Inc., Scholarship Fund
Floyd "Sonny" Tillman Scholarship
Forum for Concerns of Minorities Scholarship
Foster Conant Award
Fountain H. May, Sr. Scholarship-Fellowship Fund
FPA 1-800 PETMEDS Scholarship
FPA Akerman Senterfitt Pharmacy Law Scholarship
FPA Harris & Hamilton Family Scholarship Award
FPA James B. & Patsey J. Powers Scholarship
FPA Juanita L. Haines Charitable Foundation Scholarship
FPA Volusia-Flagler County Pharmacy Association Scholarship
FPA Walgreens Scholarship
Francene Trainor Memorial Fund Scholarship
Frances Dunnigan Scholarship
Frances Millikan Reitz Scholarship Fund
Frances P. Weaver Scholarship Fund
Francis Heide Memorial Scholarship
Frank & Louise Reed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Frank E. Bryant, Jr., Scholarship Fund
Frank J. Sindelar Scholarship Fund
Frank Kevin Memorial Scholarship
Frank L. Weyenberg MBA Scholarship Fund
Frank Maloney Scholarship Fund
Fred & Charlotte Rozelle Sport Management Endowment
Fred B. Bear Scholarship Fund
Fred H. & David L. McNulty Fellowship Fund
Fred Lesueur Scholarship Fund
Frederick B. Smith Scholarship
Frederick Family Scholarship in Physical Therapy
Freedom Forum Scholarships
Frye General Contracting Scholarship
FTBA (Florida Thoroughbred Breeders Association) Scholarship
G. Ballard Simmons Memorial Scholarship Fund
G.J. Schoessow Scholarships
G.L. Patten, Sr.-G.L. Patten, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Gainesville Advertising Federation Susan Dixon Smith Memorial Scholarship
Gainesville Builders Association Scholarship
Gamma Sigma Delta Scholarship
Gardner Mark Harrison Scholarship
Gartner Group Graduate Fellowship
Gartner Group Information Technology Fund Scholarship
Gary Peacock Scholarship
Gary R. Gerson Discretionary Scholarship
Gene & Barbara Batson Scholarship
Gene & Richard Garrett Award
General Electric Foundation Forgivable Loan Program
General Engineering Scholarship
General Foods Summer Intern Fund
George A. Levy Scholarship
George F. Weber Award
George Graham Hunter Scholarship Fund
George Haynes Memorial Scholarship
George Holtsberg Scholarship
George K. & Ruthanna Davis Scholarship
George W. Tedder, Jr., & Susan Heald Tedder Scholarship Fund
George W. Wirtanen Scholarship Fund
Gerber Development Psychology Research Award
Gerber Social Psychology Outstanding Research Award
Gerson Jewish Studies Scholarship
Gerson-New World School of the Arts Scholarship
Gerson, Preston, & Company, CPA Fellowship Fund
Gertrude Brick Law Review Apprentice Prize Fund
Giles & Martha Van Duyne Scholarship Fund
Gilkey Pin-Up Award
Gilkey Planting Design Award
Gilkey Student Professional Award
Gina C. Babicz Memorial Fellowship
Gini Pettus Portfolio Award
Glenda Ward Caro Fellowship in Education
Gold Family Scholarship Fund
Gorenberg Family Undergraduate Award
Governor R.H. Gore Scholarships
Graduate Pre-Dissertation Research Travel Awards
Graduate Teaching-Research Assistantships
Grady W. Chism, Jr., Scholarship
Graham-Gilman Wildlife Resident Fellowship
Graham K. Gloss Scholarship
Grass Fellowship Urologic Oncology
Gray Robinson P.A. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Grebe-Wahlberg Memorial Fund Scholarship
Greiner Professional Scholarship
Grinter Fellowships
Groff Animal Science Scholarship
Guy C. Fulton Endowed Scholarship Fund in Architecture
Guy C. Fulton Scholarship in Engineering Fund
Guy W. Botts Memorial Scholarship
Gwen & Tony J. Cunha Scholarship Fund
H. Douglas Price American Government Fund Scholarship
H. Strain Scholarship
H.E. Wood Scholarship
H.G. Hamilton Scholarship
H.H. Block Construction Education Fund Scholarship
H.H. Donegan Scholarship
H.H. Edwards Scholarship Fund
H.P. Constans Scholarship
H.T. Odum Graduate Fellowship Fund
Hal W. Lively Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hal's Hope Equine Studies Scholarship
Hargrave Memorial Fund
Harold E. Kendall, Sr., Endowed Scholarship Fund
Harold, Mills, Hawkins Scholarship Fund
Harold Riker Scholarship Fund
Harold S. Heide Memorial Scholarship
Harris Communications Graduate Fellowship
Harry B. Stapler Scholarship
Harry F. Goodmark Scholarship
Harry H. Sisler Graduate Fellowship
Harry R. Manee, Sr., Scholarship Fund
Harvard Jolly Clees Toppe Architects, P.A., Scholarship
Hatcher Foundation Statistics Fund Scholarship
Haufler Psychiatry Fund
Hazen E. Nutter Scholarship
Health Professions General Scholarship
Helen Aubrey Pratt Scholarship Fund
Helen Campbell Scholarship
Henry Bauch Scholarships
Henry C. & Audrey S. Schumacher Fellowship
Henry M. Chitty Memorial Scholarship
Henter-Joyce Scholarship
Herbert & Edith Peterson Scholarship
Herbert & Marjorie Laitinen Graduate Fellowship
Herbert Hudson, Jr., Scholarship
Herbert S. Dolgoff Radio Assistantships
Herman W. Schnell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Herndon Hirons MBA Fellowship Fund
Herrick H. Smith Scholarship Fund
Hervey & Patricia Yancey Scholarship Fund
Hilda W. Dobbins Scholarship Fund
Hinton Memorial Scholarship
Hoke T. Maroon MBA Fellowship Endowment
Holland & Knight LLP Scholarship Fund
Homer & Dolly Hand Fellowship Fund
Honorable Walter "Skip" Campbell Leadership Award
Horn Award
Horse Farm One Hundred Scholarship
Howard Sebold-Herrick H. Smith Fellowship in Landscape Architecture
Hugh & Mabel Wilford Scholarship
Hugh Hill Scholarship Endowment Fund
Hunt Brothers Endowment for Fellowship in Citrus Research & Education, Lake Alfred
I.C. Spoto Scholarship Fund
Ibanez-Vargo Scholarship
Icard, Merrill, Cullis, Timm, Furen, & Ginsburg P.A. Scholarship Fund
Ida Rogero Childre Fellowship & Assistantship Fund in Affordable Housing
Industrial & Systems Engineering Graduate Award
Inez Culp Godrum Scholarship Fund
Institute for Pharmacy Entrepreneurs Scholarship
Interior Design Scholarship
Iordanka Mileva Scholarship
Irene B. Kirbo Memorial Scholarship
Irene Thompson Scholarship
Irving Cypen Freshman Scholarship Fund
ITT Rayonier Foundation Senior Scholarship
J. Ed & Betty B. Price Scholarship Fund
J. Michael Harris Student Memorial Awards
J. Milton Brownlee Agricultural Marketing Scholarship
J. Peter Sones Scholarship
J. Wayne Connor Memorial Scholarship-Fellowship
J.B. Adkins Memorial Scholarship Fund
J.C. Spencer Memorial Fund Scholarship
J.E. Ross International Travel Award Fund Scholarship
J.F. Williams Memorial Scholarship
J.J. Greenman Memorial Scholarship Fund
J.N. Joiner Graduate Student Scientific Presentation Scholarship
J.N. Joiner Scholarship
J.N. Watson Memorial Scholarship Fund
J.W. Martin & A.M. Martin Phillips Scholarship Fund
J.W. Martin & A.M. Phillips Scholarship Fund-Science Education
Jack & Betty Jones Scholarship Endowment
Jack & Celia Proctor Scholarship in History Fund
Jack D. & Betty J. Lampros Graduate Fellowship & Lectureship Fund
Jack S. Hardy Scholarship
Jacksonville Law Alumni Tuition Scholarship Fund
Jake Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund
James A. Cummings Inc. Scholarship Fund
James A. Himes Scholarship Fund
James & Margaret Gahan Scholarship Fund
James C. Dickison Memoral Award
James E. Dykes Scholarship Fund
James E. Swander Memorial Scholarship Fund
James F. McLean, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
James Gamble Rogers Award (RLF Arch)
James Glenn Connor Choral Music Scholarship Fund
James J. Freeland Graduate Tax Scholarship
James J. Rizzi Scholarship (a)
James J. Rizzi Scholarship (b)
James Lawrence Fly Assistantship
James S. Fish Scholarship
James Soule Scholarship Fund
James W. Button Memorial Award
James W. Locke Scholarship Fund
James W. Van Horn Music Fund Scholarship
Jane Adams Edmonds Ph.D. Fellowship Fund
Jane E. Fisher Memorial Scholarship
Jane P. Long Scholarship
Jean Lester Bennett, M.D., Scholarship Fund
Jennings Scholarship
Jerome C. Faber, Jr., Memorial Scholarship for Pediatric Cardiology Fund
Jessie Ball duPont-Alfred I. duPont Scholarship
Jessie Hamm Meyer Graduate Award
Jim & Joh Lybass Forest Landowners Scholarships
Jim Doherty Memorial Scholarship
Jim Flannigan Memorial Scholarship
Jim Kerlin Broadcasting Scholarships
Jim Murray Memorial Scholarship
Jim Richardson Memorial Theatre Scholarship Fund (a)
Jim Richardson Memorial Theatre Scholarship Fund (b)
Jo Anne Smith Scholarship-Journalism
Joan S. Mendenhall Fellowship Fund
JoAnn Smith Scholarship
Joanne & Charles Mirabella Scholarship
Joe M. & Sophie Witten Scholarship Fund
Joel Tyner Scholarship
John & Elizabeth Seymour Award
John & Ethel Stephens Scholarship
John & Margaret Sung Family Fine Arts Fellowship
John B. Boy-U.S. Sugar Corporation Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering Fund
John B. Boy-U.S. Sugar in Agricultural Engineering Fund Scholarship
John B. McFerrin Scholarship
John C. Biery Memorial Scholarships
John C. Pinkerton Scholarship Fund
John F. Smoak Memorial Scholarship
John H.G. Hutchinson Highland County Scholarship
John Karl Goodwin Memorial Scholarship Fund
John L. & Marie C. Traina Scholarship
John M. Goggin Memorial Scholarship Fund
John Paul Olowo Memorial Fund Scholarship
John R. & Fawn T. Dunkle Geography Award
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation Endowment for the New World School of the Arts
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation Scholarship Fund
John T. & Myrtle B. Creighton Scholarship-Fellowship Fund
John W. & Mittie Collins Engineering Scholarship & Fellowship Fund
John W. Donahoo Scholarship Fund
John W. Sites Memorial Graduate Scholarship
John W. Stovall Memorial Scholarship Fund
John W. Thatcher Scholarship Fund
Johnson S. Savary Scholarship for Continuing Students
Johnson S. Savary Scholarship
Jones-Edmunds Fellowship
Jones Edmunds Scholarship
Joseph Jay Deiss Memorial Scholarship for Summer Study in Italy
Joseph L. Brechner FOI Graduate Assistantships
Joseph Lumia Memorial Fellowship Fund
Joseph R. Julin Memorial Scholarship
Joseph S. Field, Jr., Scholarship
Joseph W. Wunsch Fellowship Fund
Joseph W. Wunsch Scholarship Fund
Josephine B. Sirmyer Fellowship Fund for Occupational Therapy
Jounalism Alumni Scholarship
Joyce Lindy Levin Scholarship Fund
Jud Clements Memorial Scholarship Fund
Judge George C. Carr Scholarship Fund
Judge James Bryan Whitfield Constitutional Law Scholarship Fund
Judge John McNatt Scholarship
Judge William J. Nelson Scholarship
Judge William T. Hodges Tuition Scholarship Fund
Judi Ann Mason Scholarship
Judith Brown Endowment Scholarship
Judith D. Fessler Undergraduate Scholarship
Judy Lynn Prince Scholarship
Jules B. Chapman Scholarship
Julia Conrad Scholarship
Julian Moore Memorial Award Fund
Julie Silver Memorial Scholarship
Juliette A. Southard-Oral B Laboratories Scholarship Program
Justice Richard W. Ervin Scholarship Fund
Justus Reid Scholarship Fund
Karl & Madira Bickel Assistantships
Katherine Spessard Fund Fellowships
Kay F. Walker Scholarship Fund
Kazarian Family Scholarship
Keene Graduate Fellowship
Keith & Schnars, P.A., Annual Scholarship Endowment
Kenneth A. Christiansen Telecommunication Scholarship
Kenneth F. Finger Fellowship Fund
Kenneth H. Leathers Scholarship Fund
Kermit Sigmon Scholarship
Kevin Scott Frank Scholarship
Kimberly Hanger Graduate Research Award
Kimberly K. Riley Scholarship Fund
Kimley-Horn Award
Kimley-Horn Scholarship
Kluger, Peretz, Kaplan, & Berlin, P.L. Tuition Scholarship
Knox Millsaps Graduate Fellowships
Knox Millsaps Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
Kraft Foods Scholarship
Krisia & Steve Rhoden Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kristin M. Beach & Connie A. Lyons Memorial Endowment Scholarship
Kyle Schuemann Scholarship
L.C. Holloway Scholarship Fund
L.C. Paslay Scholarships
L.J. Connor Diversity Scholarship Fund
L.V. Koos Scholarship Memorial Fund
La Fontaine Fellowship Endowment Fund
Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) Arthur Cola & R..P. Vinall Scholarship Fund
Lake Lytal, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Lakes & Hills Garden Club Scholarship
Lancaster Scholarship
Landers-Atkins Planners Award
Lane, Trohn, Clarke, Bertrand, & Williams Scholarship Fund
Laurie Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund
Law School Faculty Scholarship Fund
Lawrence Baynard Hubbell Scholarship Fund in Theatre Studies
Lawrence M. Goodman Scholarship Fund
Leavenworth-McClaskey Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
Lee-McCachren Scholarship Fund
Leigh A. Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leighton E. Cluff Award for Aging Research
Leland A. Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Leland M. Reiner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lena B. Hughes Estate Scholarship
Leo L. Kubiet Advertising Scholarship
Leon Gibbs, M.D. Scholarship Fund
Leonard & Bertha Moore Scholarship
LeRoy Baldwin Family Scholarship
Leroy Franklin Lewis Memorial Fund Scholarship
Leta Gertrude Thibert Nursing Scholarship
Lewis & Varnia Vaughn Fellowship in Orchid Biology
Lewis W. Ziegler Memorial Scholarship
Lillian & Herman Rosenthal Memorial Scholarship-Assistantship
Linda D. Vance Fellowship History Fund
Linda W. Wilson Musical Theatre Scholarships
Lisa Burton Memorial Scholarship
Lloyd Merritt Smigel Scholarship-Fellowship
Lockheed Martin Student Support Program Fund Scholarship
Lois Malasanos Scholarship Fund
Louis F. Conde Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lydia Foote Service Award
M. Ann O'Brien MBA Scholars Endowment Fund Scholarship
M.J. Larsen Award
M.M. (Matt) Tutton, Sr., Endowed Scholarship
MacFarlane, Ausley, Ferguson, & McCullen Scholarship Fund
Madelyn Lockhart Fellowship Fund
Madelyn M. Lockhart Endowed Doctoral Fund Fellowships
Malcolm Randall Fellowship in Health Care Administration
Manning J. Dauer Fellowships Fund
Marc Desidero Pediatric Oncology Fellowship Fund
Margaret A. Ross Fellowship
Margaret E. Raynal Memorial Fund Scholarship
Margaret Rosenberger Annual Award
Maria Marees Memorial Women's Leadership Scholarship
Marion & John Paul Jones, Jr., Scholarship
Marion C. Roche Scholarship Fund
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Baskin Fellowship
Marjorie Schear Waggoner Fellowship
Mark A. Rentenbach Graduate Tax Scholarship
Mark S. Bloomberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mark Stoughton Band Scholarship Fund
Mark W. Herrbold Memorial Fund Scholarship
Mark W. Stoughton Theatre Scholarship Fund
Marlin Eller Memorial MWI Corporation Scholarship
Marshall M. & Jeannette Butts DeWitt Scholarship Fund
Martha B. Carter Scholarship
Martin County Master Gardner Scholarship
Martin Gundersen, Sr., Scholarship
Martin Luther King, Jr., Scholarship Fund
Marty Glasser Scholarship
Marvis B. Roberts, Sr. Agricultural Finance Scholarship
Mary Ann Jones Memorial Scholarship
Mary Bradshaw Wood Award
Mary Grace Sorenson Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
Mathematics Department Graduate Fellowship
Matthew Martin Memolo Memorial Scholarship Fund
Matthew P. Brunson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Maurice H. Givens Scholarship Fund
Max B. McGhee Scholarship
Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund
McMillan H. Johnson Scholarship
Mechanical Engineering Teaching Assistant Awards
Medical College General Scholarship
Melville G. Brinson Family Graduate Fellowship Fund
Memorial Healthcare System Scholarship
Men's Garden Club Jacksonville-James Watson Scholarship
Merck Graduate Fellowship
Meredith Lewis Glover Memorial Scholarship Fund
Metta Heathcote Scholarship
Miami Herald South Florida Scholarships
Michael A. Lipsky Scholarship Fund
Michael A. Rosin Scholarship
Michael Aschoff Dissertation Fellowship Award Fund
Michael Hauptman Scholarship Fund
Michael M. Fogarty Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mike Foley Scholarship
Mike Hackman Scholarship
Milk Bottle Promotion Fund Scholarship
Milledge Murphey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Milledge Murphy Scholarship
Miller Legg Scholarship
Miller Scholarship Fund
Moe & Laura Schwartz Scholarships
Monteen Johnson Gold Merit Award
Morton Amsterdam Foundation Scholarship
Motorola Named Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Electrical Engineering Fund
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Etheridge, Jr., Scholarship Fund
Mr. & Mrs. John V. D'Albora, Jr., Scholarship Fund in Honor of Frances M. Reitz
Mr. & Mrs. John V. D'Albora, Jr., Scholarship Fund in Honor of J. Wayne Reitz
Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Godron Engineering Scholarship Fund
Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Godron Medical Scholarship Fund
Mulrennan Scholarship Fund
Muriel Rumsey Foundation Endowment Scholarship
Muriel Rumsey Foundation Fellowship
N. Young Student Exchange Scholarship
N.E. Rosier Memorial Award
NACDS Scholarship
Nancy R. Hess Awards
Naomi S. Stevens Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship
Nathan Mayo Scholarship
Nathaniel W. Pickard Assistantship
National Academy for Nuclear Training Fellowship
National Association of Home Builders Scholarship
Neal H. & Teresa D. Slade Scholarship
Nell C. Miller Scholarship Fund
Nelson R. Griesheimer Scholarship
Nestor & Virginia Morales Scholarship Fund
New World School of the Arts Scholarship
New York Times Scholarships
Newins & Ziegler Scholarship Fund
Nicholas Cassas Scholarships
Norma M. Leavitt Scholarship Fund
Norman F. Nelson Fellowship Fund
Norman Schulevitz Foundation Scholarship
North American Veterinary Conference Scholarship
North Central Florida Society of Health-System Pharmacists Award
Nursing Veteran's Scholarship
O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship Awards-Incoming Graduate Students
O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship Awards
Orange County Farm Bureau Scholarship
Orlando Sentinel-South Florida Sun-Sentinel Scholarship Fund
Oscar Araujo Scholarship
Otis A. Skinner Scholarship
Otis Gossman Memorial Scholarship
P.M. Pope Scholarship Fund
P.S. Tyre Memorial Scholarship
Pacific West Cancer Fund Scholarship
Palm Beach County Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship
Palm Beach Post-Cox Foundation Scholarships
Parker E. Mahan, D.D.S., Ph.D., Endowed Fellowship
Patricia L. Shannon Scholarships
Patricia S. Essenpreis Memorial Scholarship
Patrick J. Bird Dissertation Research Award
Paul Nicoletti Scholarship
Paul R. Harris Fund Scholarship
Pauline O. Lawrence Fellowships Endowment Scholarship
Pearce-Deyo Scholarships
Perrigo Award for Excellence in Non-Prescription Medication Studies
Perry A. Foote Award
Perry, Noel, Mark, Laurie McGriff Sport Management Scholarship
Perry Scholarship for Study in Greece
Perry Scholarship in Greek Language
Perry Scholarship in Hellenic Civilization
Pete G. & Anna Felos Scholarship in Greek Studies
Peter & Nancy Barr Trust Scholarship
Peter G. Gordon-Sun-Sentinel Scholarship
Peter Kanavos, Sr., Memorial Award Fund
Peter Tharpe Scholarship
Phelps Foundation Scholarships
Phi Chi Omega Scholarship
Philip & David Kolko Memorial Scholarship Fund
Philip D. & Mary Ann Estridge Scholarship Fund
Philip L. Graham Scholarship Fund
Phillip J. MacLennan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Phillip L. Herndon Endowment in Economics Scholarship
Phylis L. Raynor Memorial Scholarship
Physics Teaching Assistant of the Year Scholarship
Pioneer Psychology Faculty Fund Scholarship
Polk County Pharmaceutical Association Scholarship
Polly & Paul Doughty Graduate Research Award
Ponsoldt Family Educational Endowment Scholarship
Poultry Science Club Award
Poultry Science Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Price Maxwell Cleveland Graduate Student Endowment Scholarship
Price Scholarship Fund
Priede Excellence Scholarship
Priscilla Henderson Scholarship Fund
Proctor & Gamble Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund
Professional Engineering Consultants Scholarships
Progress Energy Scholarship
Velma Lykes Fruit Crop Scholarship Fund
Velma Lykes Music Scholarship Fund
Verna Hilda Soderstrom Domaschk Scholarship Fund
Vernice Law Hearn Scholarship
Victor Micolucci Scholarship Fund
Victor W. Carlisle Fellowship
Virginia Hurst Whitehill Scholarship Fund
Vladimir Grodsky Memorial Scholarship Fund
Vogel Foundation Scholarship
W. Austin Smith & Wylie W. Gillespie Scholarships
W. Paul & Erin C. Shelley Scholarship Fund-Law
W.D. Macdonald Prize Fund
W.E. Dykes Scholarship
W.M. Jones Award for Originality & Creativity in Organic & Inorganic Chemistry
W.T. Loften Scholarship
W.W. Massey Sr. Presidential Scholarship
Wachovia Scholarship & Internship Fund
Wade Swerdlow Scholarship
Wal-Mart Journalism Scholarships
Walter & Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Award
Walter & Louise Sutcliffe Foundation Scholarship Fund
Walter "Bud" Robison, III, Memorial Scholarship
Walter Lorenz Endowed Scholarship
Wayne & Mary Hockmeyer Endowment Fund for Science & Business Education
Wayne H. Chen Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wayne Hawkins Agricultural Scholarship Fund
Wedgworth Graduate Fellowship
Werner & Margaret C. Hausmann Scholarship
Wheat Engineering Fund Scholarship
Wheat Medical Fund
Wilder Sisters Scholarship Fund
Willard Brask Scholarship
William (Bill) Simms Fellowship
William A. Jacob Scholarship
William & Arlene Ruegamer Biochemistry Scholarship
William & Else Jennings Scholarship Fund
William C. & Bertha M. Cornett Fellowship
William Carleton Scholarship
William E. Crown, Jr., Scholarship Fund
William E. Davis Family Fellowship in Accounting Fund
William E. Poole Scholarship Fund
William F. & Elizabeth R. Leonard Tuition Scholarship
William F. Ward Memorial Scholarship
William K. "Bill" Robertson Endowment Fund
William M. & Clara Strickland Inman Graduate Fellowship Fund
William M. Potter-M.B. Chafin Scholarship Fund
William Mendenhall Statistics Scholarship
William Paul Shelley, Sr., Memorial Fund in Forestry Scholarship (a)
William Paul Shelley, Sr., Memorial Fund in Forestry Scholarship (b)
William R. Rambo, Sr., Scholarship in Dentistry
William R. Rambo, Sr., Scholarship in Medicine Fund
William R. Rambo, Sr., Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine Fund
William T. & Jackie C. Reid Scholarship in Dentistry Fund
William T. & Jackie C. Reid Scholarship in Pharmacy Fund
William T. Phelps Scholarship Fund-Education
William T. Phelps Scholarship SHARE Scholarship
William W. & Marie C. Wolff Scholarship Fund
Wilmer W. & Melda Bassett Endowment Fund Scholarship
Wilson & Marie Collins Graduate Fellowship
Wilson O. Boozer, Sr., Memorial Scholarship
Winona Jordan Undergraduate Scholarship
Women's Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)
WRS Infrastructure-Environment Award
WTVJ NBC6 Scholarship-Assistantship Fund in Memory of Rob Pierce
Yachbes Family Scholarship
Zachariah Memorial Scholarship
Zimmerman, Shuffield, Kiser, & Sutcliffe, PA, Fall Moot Court Competition Fund
R. Cope Graduate Fellowship
R. Holt Howard Endowed Scholarship
R.D. Keene Memorial Scholarship Fund
R.F. Lanzillotti Graduate Fellowship in Public Policy Research
Rachel B. Lowenstein Scholarship
Rae O. Weimer Scholarship
Rain Bird Corporation Award
Ralph & Bronia Lowenstein Assistantship
Ralph D. Turlington Scholarship & Fellowship Fund
Ralph G. Blodgett Scholarship Fund
Ralph R. Bailey Scholarship Fund
Ralph S. Wilhelm, Jr., Scholarship-Veterinary Medicine
Ralph S. Wilhelm, Jr., Scholarship
Ralph Sias Scholarship
Ralph W. Miller Scholarship Fund
Randolph A. Hearst Broadcast News Scholarship
Ray Kempfer Memorial Scholarship
Raymond A. Dennison Memorial Scholarship
Rebecca Elizabeth Porter Creative Writing Fellowship
Red Barber Radio Scholarship
Red Newton Freedom of Information Assistantships
Rent-free Housing Scholarships
Research Awards - Grants Program
Retail Contractors Association Scholarship
Reunion Alumni Scholarship Fund
Richard Alan Helpern Scholarship
Richard & Velia Parrino Graduate Student Endowment Scholarship
Richard B. Stephens Scholarship Fund
Richard E. & Patricia M. McGee Scholarship
Richard E. Darby Accounting Scholarship Fund
Richard F. Matthews Graduate Scholarship
Richman, Greer, Weil, Brumbaugh, Mirabito, & Christensen Scholarship Fund in Honor of Robert L. Floyd
Rinker Awards
Robert A. & Phyllis Levitt Award
Robert & Diane Miller Scholarship
Robert & Kathryn Harms Award
Robert C. Pittman Fellowship Endowment in the College of Engineering
Robert C. Williamson Memorial Scholarship
Robert D. & Flora E. Fuhrman Scholarship
Robert David Adamson Scholarship Fund
Robert E. Dixon, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Robert E. "Jeff" McNeill Scholarship Fund
Robert E. Reed-Hill Scholarship
Robert F. Smith Scholarship Endowment
Robert H. Bowers Fund Scholarship
Robert H. Olson Graduate Fellowship Fund
Robert J. & Jane H. Barben Family Scholarship-Fellowship
Robert L. Batey, M.D. Cardiology Scholarship Fund
Robert L. Rose Memorial Scholarship
Robert Long Essay Scholarship
Robert O. Stripling Scholarship
Robert S. Baynard Scholarship
Robin & Jean Gibson Fellowship Endowment
Roche Diagnostics Scholarship
Roger G. & Jo Bates Graduate Fellowship
Roger Haigh Award
Roger Rottman Memorial Scholarship
Ronald Vincent Tadrowski Scholarship Fund
Ronnie W. Walker Scholarships
Rosenblum Term MBA Scholar Scholarship
Rush E. Choate Scholarship
Russ & Carol Blaser Memorial Scholarship
Russell Brines Scholarship in International or Political Reporting
Russell Corporation Endowed Scholarship Fund
Russell L. Danburg Scholarship
Russell Lowell Jaberg Scholarship Fund
Ruth Hay & Hans Schrader Nursing Scholarship-Fellowship Fund
Ruth M. French Graduate or Undergraduate Scholarship
Ryan Poehling Memorial Fellowship
S. Polston Memorial Fund Scholarship
Sally & William Glick Graduate Research Award
Salsbury Endowment Fund for Veterinary Medicine Scholarships
Sam Calhoun Fleming Scholarship Fund
Samuel & Bessie R. Proctor Fund Scholarship
Samuel D. Harris Scholarship
Samuel Proctor Fellowship Fund in History
Samuel Proctor Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
Sandy Boutros Scholarship
Sanford Goin Scholarship Fund
Sara Lavinia de Keni Scholarship
Scholarships in Jewish Communal Services
Shands Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships (a)
Shands Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships (b)
Shands Hospital Board of Directors Scholarship Fund
SHARE Scholarships
Sheila K. Rydell Memorial Award
Sherwood L. Stokes-General Practitioner Scholarship
Sherwood L. Stokes-Professor Clarence J. TeSelle Scholarships
Sherwood L. Stokes-Professor James W. Day Scholarship
Shewey Award
Shutts & Bowen Meyers-Wolfe Memorial Tuition Scholarship Fund
Smith & Gillespie Scholarships
Snelling Scholarship Endowment Fund
Society of American Foresters, Florida Division, Senior Student Scholarship
Society of Automotive Engineers Scholarship
Soil & Water Science Department Outstanding Undergraduate Award
Soil & Water Science Department Scholarship Award
Southeast Milk, Inc., Scholarship
Southeastern Meats Association Scholarship
Southern States Scholarship
Southwest Florida Vegetable Growers Fund
St. Petersburg Times-James P. Kerlin Assistantship
St. Petersburg Times Scholarship
Stanley Zack Advertising Scholarship
Staplcotn Scholarship
Stella Meissner Scholarship Fund
Steve Johnson Scholarship
Steven C. Crebbin Memorial Award
Stuart Newman Public Relations Scholarship
Surveying & Mapping Out-of-State Assistance Scholarship
Susan Brown Memorial-Florida Beefmasters Breeders Scholarship Fund
Susan Hitzler Schell Scholarship
Suwannee County Conservation District & W.B. "Barney" Copeland Scholarship
Suzanne M. Wester, M.D. Scholarship
Sweger Scholarship
Sydney S. Captain Scholarship
T. Walter Herbert Fellowship Fund
T.A. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund
T.M. Reed, III, Memorial Scholarship
Tankersley Scholarship
Target Pharmacy Scholarship
Tarr Award
TARR Scholarship
Ted Landsman Endowed Fellowship Fund
Terrye Coggin Proctor Merit Memorial Scholarship Fund
Terrye Coggin Proctor Scholarship Fund (Tuition)
Texas Instruments Fellowship
Theater & Dance Scholarship
Theodore H. Heide Memorial Scholarship
Thomas A. Sessa Scholarship
Thomas B. Abbott Scholarship Fund
Thomas F. Hayes, IV Memorial Scholarship Fund
Thomas G. Pye Scholarship Fund
Thomas O. Hunter Scholarship Fund
Thomas W. Ernst Scholarship
Thompson Scholarship
Threadgill Scholarship Program Fund
Timer Powers Scholarship
Todd C. Prosser Memorial Scholarship
Treasure Coast Exotic Bird Club Scholarship
Tybel Spivack Scholarship Fund
U.S. Department of Education-Funded Title VI Foreign Language & Areas Studies (FLAS) Fellowship
U.S. Department of Education Funded Title VI Summer Foreign Intensive Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships
U.S. Department of Energy Nuclear Engineering Scholarship
Ulla Rydberg Memorial Fund Scholarship
United States Golf Association (USGA) David Earl Memorial Scholarship
University of Florida-Dean's Engineering Scholar-SAE Engineering Scholarship
University of Florida Scholarship
University Women's Club Award
Urban & Regional Planning Scholarship Fund
Urban Entomology Undergraduate Scholarship
URS Corporation Scholarship
Valerie Calkin Griffith Scholarship Honoring Claude & Hazel Calkin


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