Northern Kentucky University

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Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY 41099
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Financial Aid:
Applicants total: 7064
Admissions total: 3299
Enrolled full time total: 2039
Enrolled part time total: 68
In State Undergraduate
In-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $8,088.00
In-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $288.00
In-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $337.00
Out of State Undergraduate
Out-of-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $16,176.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $288.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $674.00
In State Graduate
In-state average tuition for full-time graduates: $8,892.00
In-state required fees for full-time graduates: $288.00
In-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $494.00
Out of State Graduate
Out-of-state average tuition full-time graduates: $13,770.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time graduates: $288.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $765.00
Room and Board
On campus, room and board 2013-14: $7,750.00
On campus, other expenses 2013-14: $2,260.00
Off campus (not with family), room and board 2013-14: $8,726.00
Off campus (not with family), other expenses 2013-14: $6,078.00
Off campus (with family), other expenses 2013-14: $2,260.00
Books and Supplies
Books and supplies 2013-14: $800.00
Percent of undergraduate students receiving Federal student loans: 55%
Percent of full-time first-time undergraduates receiving any financial aid: 95%
Average amount of federal, state, local or institutional grant aid received: $5,798.00

Medical Assistant Programs at Northern Kentucky University

Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist
Award: Associate’s Degree

Medical Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiation Therapist
Award: Associate’s Degree

Athletic Training/Trainer
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Medical Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiation Therapist
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Scholarships at Northern Kentucky University

A. David Nichols Memorial Scholarship
A. Elisabeth Potts Memorial Scholarship
A.D. Albright Honors Scholarship
A.D. Albright Staff Congress Scholarship
AC Nielsen BASES Endowed Scholarship
Achiever's Scholarship
Albert & Louise Cooper Memorial Scholarship
Alumni Family Scholarship
Ambrose H. Lindhorst Scholarship
American Heritage Scholarship
AMT Member Scholarships
Amy Lynn Casson Memorial Scholarship
Archie V. & Myrtle L. Carrell Scholarship
Arnzen, Wentz, Molloy, Laber, & Storm P.S.C. Scholarship
Art, Music, Theatre Scholarship
ASCP Scholarships
Assistant Program Scholarships
Barbara M. Collier Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Bernard J. Gilday, Sr. Scholarship
Berwick Health & Wellness Nontraditional Scholarship Award
Blache Wiley Shafer Memorial FUnd
Brashear Scholarship
Brianne E. Hammond Scholarship
Burkardt Brothers Scholarship
C. Maxwell Dieffenbach Scholarship
Campbell County Heritage Scholarship
Cappex Health Careers Scholarship
Carlie Schulenberg Memorial Scholarship
Chapter 88, Vietnam Veterans of America, LZ Bluegrass of Northern Kentucky Award
Charles G. Coulson, Jr. Scholarship
Charles L. Seligman Family Scholarship
Chase Activity Scholarship
Chase Alumni Merit Scholarship
Chase Educational Diversity Tuition Scholarship
Chase Excellence Scholarship
Chase Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Chellgren Family Endowed Scholarship
Christopher Gist Historical Society Scholarship
CINSAM Scholarship
COMAIR Scholarship
Commonwealth Excellence Scholarship
Commonwealth Scholarship for Legal Studies
Comp Ed-KBA Worker's Compensation Scholarship
Corbett Scholarship in Music & Theatre
Corporex Scholarship
Covington-Kenton Lions Club William R. Yates M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Covington Rotary Club-Ed Freshney Memorial Scholarship
Dade Behring-Emil Von Behring Scholarship
Dental Hygiene & Dental Assistant Scholarship
Donovan Senior Citizen Scholarship
Dorothy Morrison Undergraduate Scholarship
Dorothy Westerman Herrmann Psychology Scholarship
Eastern Kentucky Endowed Scholarship
Educational Diversity Housing Scholarship
Educational Diversity Tuition Scholarship
Elmer & Blanche Pieper Endowed Scholarship
Eric D. Meyer Poetry Scholarship
Ethel Tingley Scholarship
Eva G. Farris Business Graduate Scholarship
Eva G. Farris Business Scholarship
Faculty Senate Scholarship
Federated Department Stores Foundation Diversity Endowed Scholarship
Federated Department Stores Honors Scholarship for Business Majors
Fidelity Investments Scholarship for Finance Majors
Fifth Third Bank Entrepreneurship Institute
Fifth Third Bank-Lions Tip Off Tournament Scholarship
Fireman's Dependent Scholarship
Forum for Concerns of Minorities Scholarship
Frank & Ruth Ball Endowed Scholarship
Frank & Virginia R. Stallings English Scholarship
Friends of Fine Arts Scholarship
George A. Renaker (M.D.) Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Ginny & Theresa Newberry Scholarship
Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Scholarship
Harold J. Siebenthaler Scholarship
Henry E. 'Bud' Pogue IV Endowed Scholarship
Henry J. Hosea & Roger R. Francis Scholarship
International Student Service Award
Jan Walling Memorial Scholarship
Jane Dotson Memorial Scholarship
Janet M. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Joe O'Brien Scholarship Fund for Tennis
John Court MBA Scholarship
John R. Heflin Memorial Scholarship
John Thomson Memorial Scholarship
John Toebben Memorial Scholarship
Joyce Yeager Scholarship Fund for Tennis
Judge Judy M. West Scholarship
Juliette A. Southard-Oral B Laboratories Scholarship Program
Kay Crist Scholarship in Nursing
Kentucky Foster & Adopted Children Tuition Waiver
Kentucky Governor's Scholars Scholarship
Kentucky Retirement Dependent Scholarship
Kentucky Teacher's Scholarship
Kyle Gibson Scholarship
Lester Auer Jaffe Memorial Fund
Lexis-Nexis Anderson Publishing Company Scholarship
Linda M. Lampe Memorial Scholarship
Links Scholarship
Loraine & Bernard Moreland-Carmen & Burleigh Grimes Memorial Scholarship
Loren Arthur Walling Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Mark R. Herrmann History Scholarship
Mary Gandy Travis & Phillip S. Ferrante Scholarship
Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund
Mazak Scholarship
Merebah Bass Scholarship
Mert Freudenberg Scholarship
Michael C. Sanzere Memorial Scholarship
Michael Frances Zalla Memorial Award
Milacron Geier Scholarship
Minority Educator Recruitment Retention Scholarship
Mitrione Scholarship
Morris M. Garrett, M.D. Scholarship
Music Memorial Fund
Music, Theatre Scholarships
Nancy Janes Boothe Scholarship
Naomi Miller Memorial Award
Nicholas & Elizabeth Melnick Instructional Leadership Scholarship
Nicholas Bauer Scholarship
NKU Parents Association Retention Award
Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors-Albert E. Wehry Memorial Scholarship
Northern Kentucky Golfers Association Scholarship
Northern Kentucky Medical Society Alliance
Northern Kentucky Medical Society Pre-Medical Scholarship
Northern Kentucky Restaurant Association-Ben Bernstein Memorial Scholarship
Northern Kentucky University Distinguished Scholars Scholarship
Part-time Student Award (A)
Part-time Student Award (B)
Pete Stuntebeck Memorial Golf Scholarship
Policeman's Dependent Scholarship
Professor Noel Sullivan Endowed Scholarship
Veterans' Dependent Scholarship (505)
Veterans' Dependent Scholarship (515)
Veterans' Dependents Scholarship (507)
Vivian Ross Education Scholarship
Voiture Locale No. 694 Nursing Scholarship
W. Frank Steely Law Scholarship
W. Michael Baker Staff Congress Scholarship
Walter & Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Award
William H. Greaves Scholarship
William H. Greaves Undergraduate Scholarship
William J. Morrissey Chase College Foundation Student Scholarship
WKRC Radio-Nancy McCormick Scholarship
Women's Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)
Women's Soccer Alumna Scholarship
Wood, Herron, & Evans Intellectual Property Scholarship
Yearlings Scholarship
Radiologic Associates of Northern Kentucky Tuition Assistance Program
Ralph A. Tesseneer Scholarship
Ray Beiting Scholarship
Raymond P. Hutchens Scholarships
Rendigs, Fry, Kiely & Dennis Scholarship
Research Awards - Grants Program
Richard D. Lawrence Endowed Scholarship
Robert August Jung Scholarship
Robert H. Castellini Foundation II Honors Program Scholarship for Business Majors
Robert Knauf Vocal Music Scholarship
Robert L. Herrmann Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Robert M. Dennis Scholarship
Robert Ochiltree Scholarship
Robert W. & Sue D. Goderwis Endowed Scholarship
Roche Diagnostics Scholarship
Roger Klein Scholarship Fund for Tennis
Roy & Elizabeth Dawn Memorial Scholarship
Ruth M. French Graduate or Undergraduate Scholarship
Salmon P. Chase College of Law Dean's Scholarship
Scott Wurster Book Scholarship
Scripps Howard Foundation Scholarship
Sehnert-Pugh Scholarship
SENCORP Honors Scholarship for Business Majors
Sheldon B. & Fern H. Storer Honors Scholarship
Spiral Festival Scholarship
Spirit of Entrepreneurship funded by The Castellini Foundation
Staff Congress Scholarship
Steinhauser Athletic Award
Thelma Louise Grein Endowed Scholarship for the Physically Challenged
Thurgood Marshall Minority Scholarship
Undergraduate Academic Housing Scholarship


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