Murray State University

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Murray State University
Murray, KY 42071-3318
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Financial Aid:
Applicants total: 4576
Admissions total: 3760
Enrolled full time total: 1603
Enrolled part time total: 23
In State Undergraduate
In-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $6,060.00
In-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $984.00
In-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $294.00
Out of State Undergraduate
Out-of-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $18,180.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $984.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $799.00
In State Graduate
In-state average tuition for full-time graduates: $9,720.00
In-state required fees for full-time graduates: $984.00
In-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $446.00
Out of State Graduate
Out-of-state average tuition full-time graduates: $29,160.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time graduates: $984.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $1,256.00
Room and Board
On campus, room and board 2013-14: $7,736.00
On campus, other expenses 2013-14: $2,802.00
Off campus (not with family), room and board 2013-14: $7,736.00
Off campus (not with family), other expenses 2013-14: $2,802.00
Off campus (with family), other expenses 2013-14: $2,802.00
Books and Supplies
Books and supplies 2013-14: $1,316.00
Percent of undergraduate students receiving Federal student loans: 50%
Percent of full-time first-time undergraduates receiving any financial aid: 99%
Average amount of federal, state, local or institutional grant aid received: $8,509.00

Medical Assistant Programs at Murray State University

Veterinary/Animal Health Technology/Technician and Veterinary Assistant
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Athletic Training/Trainer
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Scholarships at Murray State University

A.B. Waters Scholarship
A.P. Knight Memorial Scholarship
A.W. Fields Family Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Ada Ryan Memorial Scholarship
Addie Beth & Dr. Carroll Hubbard Memorial Scholarship
Adults Belong in College Scholarship for Non-Traditional Adult Students
Alice Sue Fairless Scholarship
Alicia Gail Suiter Memorial Scholarship
Allbritten-Linn Accounting Scholarship
Alpha Gamma Rho-Dean Walton Scholarship
Alumni Association Life Member Scholarship
Ambassador Marshall P. Jones Fund for Excellence in Accounting
AMT Member Scholarships
Ann Dean Carr Scholarship
Ann Herron Theatre Student Scholarship
Ann Laurie Granstaff Memorial Scholarship
Ann Willis Dougherty Memorial Scholarship
Anna F. Legate Business Scholarship
Anna F. Rock & Robert D. Rock Memorial Scholarship
Anna 'Tex' Todd Nursing Scholarship
Anthropology Scholarship
Arthur Ashe Scholarship
ASCP Scholarships
Ashley Thompson Memorial Book Fund
Assistant Program Scholarships
Bailey Gore Lions Club Scholarship
Baird, Kurtz & Dobson Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Ballard-McCracken County Alumni & Friends Scholarship
Barbara & Hays Brooks Scholarship
Barbara Cochran Breazeale Scholarships
Barbara Wiggins Memorial Scholarship
Bertrand Ball Memorial Scholarships
Berwick Health & Wellness Nontraditional Scholarship Award
Betsy Ross Foundation Scholarship in Honor of Larry Watson Wilcox
Betsy Ross Wilcox Memorial FFA Scholarship
Betsy Ross Wilcox Rodeo Scholarship
Beulah Clinton Memorial Scholarship
Bill & Gean Cherry Scholarship
Bill Douglas Memorial Scholarship
Bill Powell Memorial Scholarship
Bill Taylor Physics Scholarship
Bill Williams Scholarship in Theatre
Billington-Shipley Agribusiness Scholarship
Blue Level Diversity Scholarships
Bob D. Cornman Accounting Scholarship
Bradley T. Hughes Memorial Scholarship
Brannon Family Scholarship
Brian D. Welch Memorial Scholarship
Brian Ray Smith Memorial Scholarship
Bruce Family Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Buford Hurt Memorial Scholarship
Buron 'Boots' & Modest Clark Jeffrey Memorial Scholarship
Business Administration & Business Education Scholarship
C.S. Lowry Memorial Scholarship
Calloway County Homemakers Award
Calvatore M. & Frances D. Hamilton Matarazzo Scholarship
Campus Lights Scholarship
Cappex Health Careers Scholarship
Captain Robert A. & Julia Hicks Allbritten Scholarship
Carl L. Keeslar Memorial Scholarship
Carlisle Cutchin Memorial Scholarship
Carol Hoover Memorial Scholarship
Century Club Scholarship
Charles E. 'Chuck' Simons Scholarship
Charles G. Smith Future Physicians Scholarship
Charles H. 'Jack' & June H. Biggart Scholarship
Charlotte Tuscher Nelson Scholarship
Christina Tubbs Memorial Scholarship
Cindy Hill Memorial Scholarship
Cindy Sawicki Memorial Scholarship
Clara M. Eagle Art Scholarship
Clarence D. Walker Memorial Scholarship
Clark Conrad Environmental Sciences Scholarship
Clay & Treva Jones Scholarship
Clifton J. Bradley Memorial Scholarship
Coach Mac McDonald Memorial Scholarship
Colonel John H. Faughn Scholarship in Criminal Justice
Constantine W. Curris Advanced Graduate & Professional School Fellowship
Constantine W. Curris IFC Scholarship
Creative Arts-Annette Schmidt Scholarship
CSI Computer Scholarship
CSIS Department Scholarship
Dade Behring-Emil Von Behring Scholarship
Daisy & Bob Vincent & Mary Lou Vincent Brand Memorial Scholarship
Dan Ingle Memorial Scholarship
Dan W. Miller Memorial Scholarship
David A. Vaughan Memorial Scholarship
David Erl Sensing Scholarship
Dean Dowdy Music Scholarship
Deb & Edith Wylder Creative Writing Scholarship
Delta Omega Leadership Scholarship
Dennis Poplin Memorial Scholarship
Dental Hygiene & Dental Assistant Scholarship
Dew Drop Rowlett Scholarship
Dewey D. Crass Memorial Scholarship
Dianne B. O'Brien Dance Scholarship
Donald A. Jones Memorial Scholarship
Donald Glenn Hughes Memorial Scholarship
Donald Hardy Memorial Scholarship
Donald J. Leitch Memorial Scholarship
Donna Beckwith Memorial Book Scholarship
Donna Heradon Student Alumni Association Scholarship
Dorothea J. Leitch Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Caplinger Rowlett Art Education Scholarship
Dorothy Morrison Undergraduate Scholarship
Dr. A.C. 'Bob' & Irma G. LaFollette Scholarship
Dr. Alfred M. Wolfson Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Alice Koenecke Nutrition Scholarship
Dr. Bob McGaughey Scholarship in Journalism & Mass Communications
Dr. C.C. Lowry West Kentucy Surgical Scholarship in Physics
Dr. Carlos & Janice Barnes Schmitt Scholarship
Dr. Dianne B. O'Brien Health Scholarship
Dr. Doris K. West Memorial Education Scholarship
Dr. Harry M. Sparks Honorary Scholarship
Dr. Hugh L. Houston Memorial Pre-Medical Scholarship
Dr. Jonathan Nicholas 'Nick' Terhune Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Medicine
Dr. Joseph H. Rexroat, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Joseph N. & Daisy Hinkle Garton Scholarship
Dr. Liza Spann Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Lloyd P. & Fay Steen Jacks Honorary Scholarship
Dr. Marilyn T. Condon Scholarship
Dr. Marvin D. & Eunice J. Mills Multicultural Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Morgan Emory Sisk Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Pete Panzera Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Ralph H. Woods Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Rhey Boyd Parsons Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Robert F. Alsup Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Tim Miller Scholarship
Dr. V.D. & Grace Bohannon Veterinary Scholarship
Dr. W.J. & Martha Pitman Biology Endowed Scholarship
Dr. William Read Physics Scholarship
Drs. G.T. & Frances Ross Hicks Scholarsihp
Drs. Richard & Mary Broeringmeyer Scholarship
Duke Wilder Memorial Scholarship
Ed Freeman Memorial Scholarship
Edward & Audrey Hendon Honorary Scholarship
Edward T. & Charlene Curd Scholarship
Edwina Garrison Science Award
Effie & Leonard Vaughn Scholarship
Eldon E. & Earldora Blanche Heathcott Scholarship
Eleanor P. McGregor Scholarship
Elisabeth T. Maxwell Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Askew Armstrong Nursing Scholarship
Elizabeth Glutting Lyons Memorial Scholarship
Elsie P. Alexander Scholarship
Emeritus Club Scholarship
Engineering Partnership
English Literature Scholarship
English Student Organization Scholarships
Equine Achievement Awards
Erica Hilary Hope Small Memorial Art Scholarship
Erin Marie Conn Scholarship
Ernest R. Vaughn Memorial Scholarship
Esther Drexler Scholarship
Faculty CSIS Scholarship
Fay & T. Sledd Memorial Scholarship
Financial Assistance for Student Success Scholarship
First District Retired Teachers Association Scholarship
Floyd V. Burt Scholarship
Forum for Concerns of Minorities Scholarship
Frances Brown Scholarship
Frances C. Richey Honorary Scholarship
Frank Albert Stubblefield Memorial Scholarship
Frank C. Davis Scholarship
Frank R. Buhler & Gladys Edwards Buhler Agriculture Scholarship
Frank Ross Ellis Memorial Scholarship
Fred & Genoa Filbeck Memorial Scholarship
Fred Cornelius English Education Scholarship
Fred J. Gamlin Memorial Scholarship
Fred M. Gingles Memorial Scholarship
Galen M. Thurman Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society Scholarship
Gates F. Young Memorial Scholarship
Geneva Lyttleton Kutzner Scholarship
George E. Beiderwell Scholarship
George Michael Moss Scholarship
George S. & Lochie Hart Memorial Scholarship
George T. Lilly Industrial Arts Scholarship
Geosciences Scholarship
Ginger Adams Scholarship
Glen Milwain Yates Scholarship
Glenda Boone Memorial Scholarship
Gold Level Diversity Scholarship
Governor Scholars Scholarship
Governor School for the Arts Scholarship
Grady L. Cantrell Sigma XI Science Scholarship
H. Glenn Doran Scholarship
Hal Perry Memorial Scholarship
Harry Lee Waterfield Governmental Studies Scholarship
Hatler E. Morgan Scholarship
Hattie & Harry 'Pap' Glenn Endowed Scholarship
Hazel Alumni Scholarship
Heath Memorial Scholarship
Herman Kelly & Jo Harmon Ellis Memorial Scholarship
Holmes Ellis Memorial Scholarship
Hope, Endeavor & Achievement Need-Based Scholarship
Howard C. Giles Economics Scholarship
Hugh L. Oakley Honorary Scholarship
Hutson Chemical Company, Inc. Scholarship
Ina & Parvin Blalock Scholarship
Industrial & Engineering Technology Scholarship
Industrial Education Club Scholarship
Iva S. Mills-O.B. Springer Scholarship
J. Albert & Alma Lee Tracy Memorial Scholarship
J. Melton & Elizabeth H. Marshall Scholarship
J. Wilson & Mary Lou Witter Scholarship in Nursing
J.B. Wilson Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship
J.J. Roberts Memorial Upward Bound Scholarship
J.U. Kevil Memorial Scholarship
Jack & Janice Rose Honorary Scholarship
Jackie McCann Music Scholarship
Jackson Purchase American Association of University Women Scholarship
Jackson Purchase Rifle & Pistol Club 'Fred McCutchen' Scholarship
James A. Davis Freshman Music Scholarship
James B. & Martha Dell Deweese Scholarship
James B. Carlin, A.C.E.I. Honorary Scholarship
James C. Williams Jr. Memorial Scholarship
James E. Garrison Scholarship
James G. Glasgow Memorial Scholarship
James 'Jim' Thompson Scholarship
James L. Hurley Construction Technology Scholarship
James L. Hurley Memorial Scholarship
James L. 'Larry' Todd Scholarship
James M. Lassiter Scholarship
James R. & Pat Latimer Honorary Scholarship
James Richard Oliver Memorial Scholarship
James V. Wilson Memorial Scholarship
James W. Hammack, Jr. History Scholarship
Jane Hall Panhellenic Scholarship
Janice F. & Richard R. Weaver Student Athlete Academic Scholarship
Janice Farmer 'Jan' Weaver Education Scholarship
Jeff Bennett Memorial Scholarship
Jeff Green Memorial Scholarship
Jerry & Bettie Capps Memorial Scholarship
Jerry Don Crutchfield Leadership Award
Jim Baurer Fraternity Leadership Scholarship
Jim Hall Memorial Scholarship
Jim Smith Geology Scholarship
Jimmy Long Memorial Scholarship
Jo Hern Curris Award for Excellence in the Fine Arts
Joe Dick Scholarship
Joe Dyer Pool Memorial Scholarship
Joe Dyer Scholarship
Joe Pat & Frances Jane Knight Industrial Education Scholarship
Joe Pat & Robbie Trevathan Accounting Scholarship
Joe Paul Willie Memorial Scholarship
Joe Rigsby Memorial Scholarship
John Andrew "Andy" Camp Memorial Scholarship
John Fetterman Minority Journalism Scholarship
John R. Farrell Memorial Scholarship
John W. Carr Award
Johnny D. McDougal Honorary Scholarship
Johnny Reagan (Baseball) Scholarship
Joseph R. & Juanita Crowe Miller Scholarship
Jules Harcourt Scholarship
Juliette A. Southard-Oral B Laboratories Scholarship Program
Karen Richards McGinnis Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth A. & Lula Gray Grogan Agriculture Scholarship
Kentucky Health Systems Agency-West Scholarship
Kerby & Dorothy Jennings Journalism Scholarship
Kevin Arnold Memorial Scholarship
Kevin Hendon Model of Courage Award
Kiwanis Club of Murray Scholarship
Kyle Bates Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
L. Jack Dunman Memorial Scholarship
L.J. Hortin Honorary Scholarship
L.J. Hortin Journalism Scholarship
Laura & Ben H. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Laura K. Anderson Memorial Scholarship in Elementary Education
Lawrence Buzzerio Memorial Scholarship
Lee Clark Memorial Scholarship
Lilburn L. 'Jack' Wilcox & Modena Wilcox Scholarship
Lillian Lowry Memorial Scholarship
Linda Choate Lowry & James A. Lowry Scholarship
Linn-Albritten Math Alumni Scholarship
Louise Hight Overby Scholarship
Louise Mandrell-Paducah Downtown Kiwanis Scholarship
Lynda Coleman Writing Scholarship
M.C. & Hazel McCuiston Scholarship
M.C. Garrott Memorial Scholarship
Mabel Garrett Pullen Freshmen Agriculture Scholarship
Mabel Garrett Pullen Upperclassmen Agriculture Scholarship
Mancil J. Vinson Honorary Scholarship
Manning Stewart Memorial Scholarship
Marcus Nickell Education Scholarship
Margaret Trevathan Creative Writing & Arts Education Scholarship
Marie Holton Memorial Art Scholarship
Mark A. Lassiter-Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Mark Allen Russell Special Education Scholarship
Marshall Gage Scholarship
Martin J. & Lucy M. Farmer Memorial Scholarship
Marvin D. Mills Scholarship
Marvin O. Wrather Memorial Scholarship
Mary Helen Gregory Hoover Scholarship
Mary Kay Wright-Williams Memorial Scholarship
Mary Moore Lassiter Scholarship
Matthai-Panzera Geosciences Scholarship
Maudie Mae Kennerly Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Maurice H. Ryan Memorial Scholarship
Max B. & Mavis Hurt Scholarship
Max Griffin Carman Euclidean Mathematics Club Junior Scholarship
Max Griffin Carman Senior Scholarship
Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund
Melva R. Holt Scholarship
Melvin & Rita Henley Scholarship
Melvin Brent Henley Murray Training School Scholarship
Mercer-Jones Scholarship
Michael W. Stallings Scholarship
Mike & Janet Hamilton-Ernst & Young Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Moore-Menedez Scholarship
Morris Coffman Alumnae Association Scholarship
MSU Balck Alumni Scholarship
MSU Jackson Purchase ACA Scholarship Fund
Murray Bank Endowed Scholarship
Murray BPW-Celebrate Women Scholarship
Murray-Calloway County Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship
Murray Lions Club-Bryan Tolley Memorial Scholarship
Murray Lions Club-Groover A. Parker Memorial Scholarship
Murray State University Archeology Scholarship
Murray Training School-College High-University Scholarship
Murray Woman's Club-Delta Department Nursing Scholarship
Nadine Turner Honorary Nursing Scholarship
Nance Family Scholarship
Nancy Williams Wahl Scholarship
Nathan B. Stubblefield Memorial Scholarship
National Society of Collegiate Scholars Scholarship
Noma U. Dunn Memorial Scholarship
Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Management Studies Scholarship
Ohio River Valley Safety Council Scholarship
Olympic Sports Academic Scholarship
Orton & Alice Eugenia Mackey Hamby Art Scholarship
Orval & Wanda Mahon Horticulture Scholarship
Owens Food Market, Inc. Scholarship
Paducah Bank & Trust Company Scholarship
Pam & Havana Rutledge Memorial Scholarship
Paris-Henry County Murray State University Scholarship
Paris Landing Kiwanis Club Scholarship
Pat Spurgin Scholarship
Paul & Louise Freeman Memorial Scholarship
Paul & Nina Rickard Lyons Scholarship
Pella Rollscreen Foundation Scholarship
Penny Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Philip Crawford, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Philip D. Back Scholarship
Physics & Engineering Leadership Scholarship
Physics & Engineering Student Achievement Based Scholarship
Physics & Engineering Student Support Scholarship
Pi Sigma Alpha
Polly Sue Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Presson Memorial Scholarship
Preston 'Ty' Holland Scholarship
Price Doyle Memorial Scholarship
Quint T. Guier Writer's Scholarship
Venable M. Houts, Jr.-Ernst & Young Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Waldrop Scholarship
Walker Jennings Scholarship
Walter & Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Award
Walter E. Blackburn Memorial Scholarship
Walter L. Wuster Memorial Scholarship
Wayne T. Harrell Memorial Scholarship
Westvaco Scholarship
Whitney Young Scholarship
Will Ed Stokes Equipment Dealers Scholarship
William & Mary Curris Scholarship
William B. Seale Marketing Scholarship
William C. & Genevieve H. Adams Scholarship
William C. 'Bill' Givan Scholarship Endowment
William E. Wilson Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship
William G. Broughton Fellowship in Creative Expression
William G. Hoover, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
William H. 'Bart' Cayce Memorial Scholarship
William Heath Skipworth Scholarship
William Ray Mofield Honorary Scholarship
Williams Gas Pipeline Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Wilson & Virginia Gantt Scholarship
Wilson Ray Hoover Scholarship
Women's Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)
R.O. Wilson, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Rainey T. Wells Memorial Scholarship
Ray Dunn Scholarship
Reed-Buchanon Scholarships
Reed Memorial Geology Scholarship
Research Awards - Grants Program
Reverend Henry McKenzie Memorial Scholarship
Rex Alexander Memorial Scholarship
Richard D. Howe Memorial Scholarship
Richard E. Hart Memorial Scholarship
Richard H. Lewis Memorial Scholarship
Richard M & Jane H.Hutson Endowed Scholarship
Richard W. 'Doc' Farrell Scholarship
Richard Weisenberger Memorial Scholarship
Robert A. 'Fats' Everett Memorial Scholarship
Robert C. Etherton Scholarship
Robert E. Johnson Memorial Theatre Scholarship
Robert K. Baar Memorial Scholarship
Robert O. Miller Scholarship
Robert P. McCann FBLA Memorial Scholarship
Robert. P. McCann Computer Studies Scholarship
Roche Diagnostics Scholarship
Rodeo Leadership Award
Roger E. Reichmuth Music Scholarship
Roger Gish Memorial Scholarship
Rotary Club of Murray Freshman Scholarship
Rotary Club of Murray-Max Hurt Memorial Scholarship
Rotary Club of Murray-Rainey T. Wells Memorial Scholarship
Rotary Club of Murray-Ralph H. Woods Memorial Scholarship
Roy & Dora Griffith Memorial Scholarship
Roy & Jeanne English Fund for Excellence
Roy Winn Luckett-Thomas Gray Graphic Communications Scholarship
Rubie E. Smith Scholarship
Ruby C. Krider Scholarship
Ruby E. Simpson Memorial Scholarship
Ruth E. Cole Honorary Scholarship
Ruth M. French Graduate or Undergraduate Scholarship
SAE Engineering Scholarship Program
Shaul-Myers Art Enrichment
Shaul-Myers Graves County Scholarship
Shelby McCallum Scholarship
Shroat-Huie Dunn Memorial Scholarship
Sid & Melissa H. Easley Leadership Scholarship
Smith-Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Sock & Buskin Scholarship
Stephen Kuhlman Memorial Scholarship
Stephen R. Vaughn Memorial Scholarship
Sue Travis Nickell Memorial Scholarship
Telecommunications Systems Management Housing Scholarship
Telecommunications Systems Management Scholarship
Thomas B. Hogancamp Memorial Scholarship
Thomas I. Miller Fund for Excellence in Accounting
Thomas R. Whitton Scholarship
Three Rivers Coon Hunters Scholarship
Tim McEnroe Memorial Scholarship
Tosh Farms Scholarship
Tri-County Arts & Crafts Scholarship
Tri-State AMP (Advertising Marketing Professionals) Scholarship
Truman Whitfield Scholarship
U.S. Smokeless Tobacco-Murray State Alton Adams Scholarship
Union Planters Scholarship
US Bank Scholarship


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