Florida Atlantic University

School Details

Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991
Main Website: www.fau.edu/
Financial Aid: www.fau.edu/finaid/
Applicants total: 24889
Admissions total: 11880
Enrolled full time total: 3317
Enrolled part time total: 162
In State Undergraduate
In-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $2,522.00
In-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $2,268.00
In-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $200.00
Out of State Undergraduate
Out-of-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $14,332.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $2,902.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $718.00
In State Graduate
In-state average tuition for full-time graduates: $5,467.00
In-state required fees for full-time graduates: $1,190.00
In-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $370.00
Out of State Graduate
Out-of-state average tuition full-time graduates: $16,695.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time graduates: $1,751.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $1,025.00
Room and Board
On campus, room and board 2013-14: $11,556.00
On campus, other expenses 2013-14: $4,017.00
Off campus (not with family), room and board 2013-14: $10,344.00
Off campus (not with family), other expenses 2013-14: $5,294.00
Off campus (with family), other expenses 2013-14: $5,294.00
Books and Supplies
Books and supplies 2013-14: $1,220.00
Percent of undergraduate students receiving Federal student loans: 40%
Percent of full-time first-time undergraduates receiving any financial aid: 87%
Average amount of federal, state, local or institutional grant aid received: $5,293.00

Medical Assistant Programs at Florida Atlantic University

Health/Health Care Administration/Management
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Health/Health Care Administration/Management
Award: Master’s Degree

Scholarships at Florida Atlantic University

Adam Susser Foundation Inc. Scholarship
Adelaide R. & Joseph G. Snyder Scholarship
Alexandria T.J. Galaini Scholarship
All Academic Team Scholars
Ammi C. Ellington Teacher Scholarship
AMT Member Scholarships
Ana Azcuy Excellence in Journalism Scholarship
Andrew Montano Scholarship
Andrew Todd Auster Alumni Scholarship
Angelos Langadas Scholarship
Ann Adams Anthropology Fellowship
Annette Van Howe Women Studies Scholarship
Arnold & Ruth Greenberg Scholarship
Arthur Rooney Scholarship
ASCP Scholarships
ASME Section Scholarship
Assistant Program Scholarships
Bank of America Florida's Community Scholars Program
Barbara L. Newman Memorial Scholarship in Accounting
Barzilay Scholarship
Belle Glade Teachers Scholarship
BellSouth Scholarship
Bertha & Alfred Richman Honors Scholarship
Berwick Health & Wellness Nontraditional Scholarship Award
Biological Sciences Graduate Scholarship & Biological Sciences Graduate Scholarship in Marine Science
Bob Graham Fellowship in Growth Management-Good-Gulfstream
Boca Raton Orchid Society Scholarship
Bok Scholarship in Business
Brain Bowl Scholarship
Brotherhood of Ten Scholarship
Cappex Health Careers Scholarship
Carey B. & Rosamond L. Jackson Awards
Christine E. Lynn Nursing Assistance Program
Claire Dorst Art Scholarship
Community College Honors Scholarship
Community College Scholars Award
Courtenay Graduate Scholarship in Conservation Biology
D. Burdella Cunningham Scholarship
Dade Behring-Emil Von Behring Scholarship
Damon Anthony Bettendorf Scholarship
Dania Beach Scholarship
Daniel A. & Martha F. Mica Scholarship
Daniel & Mary Lou Shepard Scholarship
Daniel B. & Aurel B. Newell Doctoral Fellowship
Daniel Brown Memorial Psychology Graduate Scholarship
David & Eleanore Rukin Memorial Scholarship
David Neil Krinzman Memorial Scholarship
David Posnack Family Foundation Scholarship
Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. Scholarship
Delray Art League Scholarship
Dennis Galliers Memorial Scholarship (A)
Dennis Galliers Memorial Scholarship (B)
Dental Hygiene & Dental Assistant Scholarship
Depan International Freshman Student Scholarship
Depan International Transfer Student Scholarship
Depan Transfer Scholarship Indian River Community College
"Do Unto Others..." Scholarship for the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College
"Do Unto Others..." Scholarship
Donald Hamilton McGreevy, Sr. Philosophy Scholarship
Dorothy & Marshall Anderson Scholarship
Dorothy Morrison Undergraduate Scholarship
Douglas P. Eagan Scholarship in Urban Transit
Dr. Dorothy S. Laird-E.G. Carel Scholarship
Dr. Floyd F. Koch Business Ethics Scholarship
Dr. Floyd F. Koch Honors College Scholarship
Dr. Richard W.J. Hayman Scholarship in Music
Ed Dail Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Growth Management
Edgewater Pointe Estates Scholarship
Edward E. Shoaf Ethics Scholarship
Edward E. Shoaf Honors College Ethics Scholarship
Edward E. Shoaf Honors College Scholarship
Edward E. Shoaf Scholarship
Eleanor R. Baldwin Scholarship Fund
Elmer & Gloria Sticco Minority Scholarship
Emily & Robert Murdick Memorial Scholarship
Ernest O. Melby Fellowships
Essie C. Crain Nursing Scholarship
Esther B. Griswold Music Scholarship-Esther B. Griswold Theatre Scholarship
Esther B. Griswold Music Scholarship
Esther B. Griswold Performing Arts Scholarship
Esther Saylor Rothenberger Scholarship
Eugene N. Crabb Scholarship
Evelyn C. Monberg Piano Scholarship
F. Louis & May Jean Wolff Foundation Scholarship
Faculty & Staff Legacy Scholarship
Falkanger Architecture Scholarship
Fanjul Academic & Community Excellence Award
FAU National Alumni Association Scholarship
FAU Student Government Scholarship
Fields Scholarship
Fiona McCleary Piano Scholarship
Forum for Concerns of Minorities Scholarship
Frances & Victor Ginsberg Scholarship Fund
Frances Edelman Awards
Frances Trice & John Albert Childrey Graduate Studies Scholarship
Frank M. & Sara Mina Mervis Memorial Scholarship for Judaic Studies
Fred & Kit Bigony Scholarship
Frederick T. DeHon Scholarship
Garcia Brenner Stromberg Architecture Scholarship
Gatlin Scholar in Political Science Scholarship
Gay & Stephen Voss Scholarship for Elementary Education Majors
Gertrude E. Skelly Scholarship
GFWC Royale Women's Club of Boca Raton
Greater Boca Raton Estate Planning Council-Michael Gersten Memorial Scholarship
Greenwall Scholarship
Gurley Lorraine Sinkler Scholarship
H.C. Kersten Florida Grand Opera Scholarship
Halperin Athletic Scholarship
Harold Burris-Meyer Technical Scholarship in Theatre
Harriet C. Boettcher Scholarship
Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College Scholarship
Harry Harmes Memorial Scholarship
Haychel Gomez Melli & Patrick Melli Scholarship
Helen & Robert Bero Memorial Scholarship
Helen C. Alter Memorial Scholarship
Helen Craig Memorial Scholarship
Helen K. Persson Scholarship
Helen L. Morley Scholarship
Helen L. Prenner Memorial Scholarship
Helen Shoaf Memorial Scholarship
Henry Morrison Flagler Scholarship
Herbert & Elaine Gimelstob Scholarship for Judaic Studies
Herman Joachim Music Award
Hicks Scholarship
Hilda A. Krinzman Ethics Scholarship Fund
Howard Guggenheim Scholarship
Hugh & Anny Godsey Scholarship Fund
Hundred Club of Broward County, Inc. Scholarship
Ida & Ted Reiss Honors College Scholarship
Il Circolo Scholarships for Excellence in Italian Studies
Innovation Centre Scholarship
Insurance for Students Scholarship
Irvin & Beulah Jaffe Robins Award
J.M. Family Enterprises, Inc. Scholarship
J.M. Rubin Foundation Honors College Ethics Scholarship
Jack B. Walker Memorial Scholarship
Jacqueline L. Beacker Award in Political Science
James A. Woodruff, Jr. Scholarship in Memory of Hazel Gates Woodruff
James & Zita Hayes & Zita W. DePan Memorial Scholarship
James D. Logsdon Memorial Scholarship
James M. Cox Jr.-Palm Beach Post Scholarship in Journalism
James P. & Eloise M. Latham Scholarship in Geography & Related Fields
Jane Thompson Award
Jerry F. Hackett Scholarship
John & Molly Foreman Scholarship
John Canada M.P.A. Scholarship
John E. Miklos Exceptional Student Education Scholarship
John McCoy Ceramics Awards
John Miklos Scholarship
John O'Sullivan Travel-to-Research Grant
John Q. Adams Memorial Award for Maya Studies & Overseas Research
John W. Temple Scholarship
Joseph Conaway Scholarship Fund
Joshua Logan Graduate Scholarship
Juanita Brown Scholarship
Julie Jackson Scholarship
Juliette A. Southard-Oral B Laboratories Scholarship Program
June & Ira Gelb, M.D. Scholarship
Karen Dawn Aberson Memorial Scholarship
Katherine Dexter Treadwell Memorial Scholarship in Counselor Education
Katz General Scholarship
Kay S. Liou-FAU Club Scholarship
Kenneth R. Williams Awards
Kreul Classic Scholarship
Lawrence Sanders Memorial Fellowship in English
Lee J. & Esther S. Steindel Ethics Scholarship
Lena Camiccia-Arnautou Scholarship for Study Abroad in Italian Studies
Lenny & Judy Pippin Alumni Scholarship
Leslie & Robert Blum Honors College Scholarship
Lifelong Learning Society Scholarship
Linda Wessel Scholarship for Graduate Students
Lisa Pollock Memorial Scholarship
Lost Tree Village Foundation Scholarship
Louis J. Prenner Memorial Scholarship
M. Brenn Green Scholarship in Social Science
M. Brenn Green Scholarship
Maale, Feuerlein, & Redman Award for Excellence in Economic Principles
Maestro Mark Azzolina Scholarship
Marian Altman Memorial Honors Scholarship
Marla Kace Siegel Memorial Scholarship
Martin & Sylvia Shaw History Scholarship
Martin Luther King, Jr. Award
Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholar Award
Mary Fraser Scholarship
Mary R. Leiper Memorial Scholarship
Mary Sullivan Gross Scholarship
Masters Nursing Scholarship
Matthew Iacona Scholarship
Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund
Michael & Medelyn Savarick Endowed Scholarship in Music Excellence
Michael Rothbaum Scholarship
Mildred A. Becker Ethics Scholarship
Mildred & Rudy Reis Scholarship
Mildred Kytlica Scholarship Fund
Milton & Gladys Meisner Scholarship Fund
Minnie Hyman Scholarship
Minto Communities Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. John Whitney Payson Study-In-Florence Scholarship
Mrs. Charles A. "Binny" Foster Scholarship in Music
Ms. Joy Scholarship
Nathan & Marion Crosby Holocaust & Judaic Library Collections Scholarship
Nathan & Marion Crosby Holocaust & Judaic Studies Scholarship Fund
National Merit-Achievement-Hispanic-Scholarship Finalist
National Merit-Achievement-Hispanic Scholarship Semifinalist
National Merit Scholar
Norma Gram Memorial Scholarship
North American Consumer Credit Service Scholarship
North Broward Hospital District Scholarship
Palm Beach County Fishing Foundation-Capt. Al Nathan Memorial Scholarship
Palm Beach Watercolor Society Annual Art Scholarship
Palm HealthCare Scholarship
Patricia Delle Fave Nursing Scholarship
Paul & Mary Sheibar Marine Corps Scholarship
Paul Zelenkofske Accounting Scholarship
Percy & Pauline Greenberg Memorial Award
Peter & Janice Brock Honors Scholarship
Philip Zinman Foundation International Studies Honors Scholarship
Vincent Saurino Fellowship for Graduate Students in Biological Sciences
Virginia & Douglas Stewart Business Ethics Scholarship
Virginia D. Kelly Health Sciences Scholarship
W. Dorne & J. Latham Kiwanis Education Scholarship
W.S. Brown Scholarship
Wachovia Honors Scholarship
Walter & Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Award
Walter N. Gaeser Memorial Business Freshman Scholarship
Welcom H. Watson Ethics Scholarship
William E. Pollier Scholarship
William Fabricant Scholarship
William J. Bopp Scholarship (A)
William J. Bopp Scholarship (B)
WJMK Scholarship
Women in the Visual Arts Award
Women's Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)
Woodford Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship
Worrell Enterprises, Inc. Scholarship
Raddock Honors Scholarship
Rae Raskin Memorial Scholarship in Political Science
Rayman Foundation Scholarship
Renee Lynn Levinson Memorial Scholarship
Research Awards - Grants Program
Rhoda Tavener Memorial Scholarship
Richard & Shirley Pendell Presbyterian Scholarship
Richard Snyder Memorial Scholarship
Richard Wright Voice Scholarship
Robert & Edna Gustin Scholarship
Robert G. Queen Scholarship
Robin B. Smith Honors Scholarship
Roche Diagnostics Scholarship
Rosalyn E. Schonziet Scholarship in Environmental Studies
Rosanne Louise Marietta Philosophy Prize
Rose Memorial Scholarship
Royal Palm Audubon Society Environmental Fellowships
Ruth M. French Graduate or Undergraduate Scholarship
Samuel F. & Ann F. Clark Scholarship
Samuel J. & Connie M. Frankino Charitable Trust Scholarship
Scripps Howard-WPTV Channel 5 Endowed Scholarship
Shamrock Society Endowed Teacher Scholarship
Sheridan Hills Baptist Church Scholarship
Simone de Beauvoir in Memoriam Scholarship for Master's Program in Women's Studies in Philosophy
Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Scholarship
Southeast Consortium for Minorities in Engineering (SECME) Scholarship
St. Andrews Estates North Residents Organization & Evelyn & Stanford King Scholarship
Stan E. & Renee Wimberly Scholarship
STH Architectural Group Scholarship
Sun-Sentinel Teacher Internship Scholarship
Susan T. Dewar Memorial Award
Taylor, Meltzer & Freed Scholarship
Thomas Burnett Swann Memorial Scholarship
Thomas F. Fleming, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Toppel Family Foundation Scholarship
Traica Vangeloff Thomas Scholarship
University Club Galaxy Presidential Scholarship & Brogan Presidential Scholarship
Urban & Regional Planning Alumni Scholarship


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