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Eckerd College
Saint Petersburg, FL 33711-4700
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Financial Aid:
Applicants total: 3912
Admissions total: 2779
Enrolled full time total: 532
Enrolled part time total: 2
In State Undergraduate
In-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $37,046.00
In-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $316.00
In-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $1,246.00
Out of State Undergraduate
Out-of-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $37,046.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $316.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $1,246.00
In State Graduate
In-state average tuition for full-time graduates: N/A
In-state required fees for full-time graduates: N/A
In-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: N/A
Out of State Graduate
Out-of-state average tuition full-time graduates: N/A
Out-of-state required fees for full-time graduates: N/A
Out-of-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: N/A
Room and Board
On campus, room and board 2013-14: $10,144.00
On campus, other expenses 2013-14: $3,090.00
Off campus (not with family), room and board 2013-14: $10,144.00
Off campus (not with family), other expenses 2013-14: $3,186.00
Off campus (with family), other expenses 2013-14: $2,580.00
Books and Supplies
Books and supplies 2013-14: $1,200.00
Percent of undergraduate students receiving Federal student loans: 71%
Percent of full-time first-time undergraduates receiving any financial aid: 97%
Average amount of federal, state, local or institutional grant aid received: $19,451.00

Medical Assistant Programs at Eckerd College

Health/Health Care Administration/Management
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Health/Health Care Administration/Management
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Scholarships at Eckerd College

Alfred A. McKethan Family Scholarship
Alfred & Winifred Hodgson Scholarship
Alumni Founding Classes Scholarship
Alvah H. & Wyline P. Chapman Foundation Scholarship
Amadeus Armond & Eve Tolomeo Scholarship
American Association of University Women (AAUW) The Florence Siebert Annual Student Research Fund Scholarship
AMT Member Scholarships
Anne & James D. O'Donnell Scholarship
ASCP Scholarships
Asian Studies Scholarship
ASPEC African American Scholarship
ASPEC Scholarship
Assistant Program Scholarships
Azalia P. Oberg Scholarship
Barbara J. Lannin Memorial Creative Writing Scholarship
Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Scholarship
Berwick Health & Wellness Nontraditional Scholarship Award
Betty Jane Dimmitt Memorial Scholarship
Bruce L. Robertson Scholarship
Bruce R. Zemp Memorial Honors Scholarship
Buford Scholarship
Burnt Store Road Presbyterian Church Scholarship
Cade Nabers Memorial Scholarship
Cappex Health Careers Scholarship
Catalina Marketing Scholarship
Central Florida Presbytery Scholarship
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Scholarship
Charles & Betty-Jean Blaney Memorial Scholarship
Charles Bradshaw Scholarship
Chauncey M. & Jewel Hearn International Scholarship
Christiana & Woodbury Ransom for the Fine Arts Scholarship
Church & Campus Scholarships
Clearwater Central Catholic High School
Clyde L. & Frances H. Irwin Scholarship
College Harbor Scholarship
Dade Behring-Emil Von Behring Scholarship
Daniel P. & Mary E. Miller PEL Scholarship
David Fischer Minority Scholarship
Dental Hygiene & Dental Assistant Scholarship
Dominick J. & Maude B. Potter Scholarship
Dorothy Morrison Undergraduate Scholarship
E. Colin Lindsey Scholarship
Eckerd Associates Scholarship
Eckerd College-BBSR Fellowship
Eckerd College Memorial Scholarship
Eckerd Grant Program
Elaine R. Kinzer Memorial Scholarship
Emily A. & Albert W. Mathison Scholarship
Emily Atkins Scholarship
Ethel Fenton Bradford Scholarship
Eugene & Donna Sitton Scholarship
Fazal Fazlin Scholarship
First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs
First Presbyterian Church of Lakeland Scholarship
First Presbyterian Church of Naples Scholarship
First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota Scholarship
First Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg Scholarship
First Presbyterian Church of Vero Beach Scholarship
Florida Independent College Fund Scholarship
Florida Presbytery Scholarship
Focardi Great Bay Distributors Scholarship
Forum for Concerns of Minorities Scholarship
Frances Shaw Stavros Scholarship
Frank A. Saltsman Scholarship
Frank Byars Scholarship
Fred L. & Margaret C. May Scholarship
Frida B. Marx Memorial Scholarship
G. Rufus Sessions Scholarship
George A. Raftelis Scholarship
George F. & Asha W. McMillan Scholarship
Hallin Family Scholarship
Harley-Sitton Scholarship
Harold & Edna Madsen Scholarship
Hoerner Family Scholarship
Howard M. & Ruth A. Davis Scholarship
Howard M. Johnson Scholarship
J.J. Williams, Jr. Scholarship
Jack Eckerd Scholarship
Jack M. Bevan Memorial Scholarship
James A. Michener Creative Writing Scholarship
James Groves Scholarship
Jeff & Tracy Moon Scholarship
John O'Flaherty ASPEC Memorial Scholarship
John W. Woodward Memorial Scholarship
Jone & Millard Gamble Scholarship
Joseph Sparling Memorial Scholarship
Juliette A. Southard-Oral B Laboratories Scholarship Program
Karim Said Petrou Memorial Scholarship
Kathleen Anne Rome Memorial Scholarship
Kell & Mary Williams Scholarship
Kennedy J. Eckerd Athletic Scholarship
Klein Family Scholarship
Margaret Fahl Lofstrand Memorial Scholarship
Margaret S. & Walter D. Bach Memorial Scholarship
Mari Sabusawa Michener Scholarship
Maria Arabia Voice Scholarship
Mary Dillard Nettles Scholarship
Mary Murdock International Scholarship
Matthew T. McDermott Memorial Scholarship
Maurice J. Williams Scholarship
Max Klarin Memorial Scholarship
Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund
Meinke-Mentor Scholarship Fund
Merchants Association Scholarship
Mirella Cimato Smith Scholarship
Moorings Scholarship
Oscar Kreutz Scholarship
Palma Ceia Scholarship
Paul & Jane Edris Scholarship
Peace Memorial Scholarship
Peace River Presbytery Scholarship
Penelope Ellis Memorial Scholarship
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Scholarship
Philip J. Lee Scholarship
Philip Reid Memorial Scholarship
Pine Shores Presbyterian Church Scholarship
Publix Super Markets Charities Scholarship
Voell Family Scholarship
W. Paul Bateman Scholarship
Wachovia Bank Minority Scholarship
Walter & Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Award
Walter S. & Janet S. Pharr Scholarship
William & Sandra Ripberger Scholarship
William B. Blackburn Honor Scholarship
William Burchenal, Jr. Scholarship
William G. McGarry Fund Scholarship
William McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for African American Students
William W. Upham Scholarship
Wittner Scholarship
Women's Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)
R.A. Ritter Scholarship
Ray & Sylvia Weyl Scholarship
Raymond James & Associates Scholarship
Research Awards - Grants Program
Reverend Lacy R. Harwell Scholarship
Robert A. James Memorial Scholarship
Robert & Ruth Stevenson Scholarship
Robert E. & Arlene G. Hewes Scholarship
Robert Sibson Memorial Scholarship
Robert T. & Fran V.R. Sheen Scholarship
Roche Diagnostics Scholarship
Ruth L. Insel Scholarship
Ruth M. French Graduate or Undergraduate Scholarship
Samuel E. & Mary W. Thatcher Scholarship
Selby Foundation Scholarship
Sherry Jo Byars Scholarship
Simmons Family Scholarship
St. Augustine Presbytery Scholarship
Suzanne Armacost Memorial Scholarship
Tampa Bay Presbytery Scholarship
Thelma P. & Maurice A. Rothman Scholarship
Thomas & Hilda Girolamo Scholarship
Thomas Presidential Scholarship
TI Kirbo Scholarship
Tropical Florida Presbytery Scholarship


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