Brescia University

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Brescia University
Owensboro, KY 42301-3023
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Financial Aid:
Applicants total: 3582
Admissions total: 1612
Enrolled full time total: 150
Enrolled part time total: N/A
In State Undergraduate
In-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $19,000.00
In-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $440.00
In-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $550.00
Out of State Undergraduate
Out-of-state average tuition for full-time undergraduates: $19,000.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time undergraduates: $440.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge for part-time undergraduates: $550.00
In State Graduate
In-state average tuition for full-time graduates: $9,000.00
In-state required fees for full-time graduates: $120.00
In-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $500.00
Out of State Graduate
Out-of-state average tuition full-time graduates: $9,000.00
Out-of-state required fees for full-time graduates: $120.00
Out-of-state per credit hour charge part-time graduates: $500.00
Room and Board
On campus, room and board 2013-14: $8,250.00
On campus, other expenses 2013-14: $1,000.00
Off campus (not with family), room and board 2013-14: $10,500.00
Off campus (not with family), other expenses 2013-14: $1,000.00
Off campus (with family), other expenses 2013-14: $1,000.00
Books and Supplies
Books and supplies 2013-14: $1,500.00
Percent of undergraduate students receiving Federal student loans: 83%
Percent of full-time first-time undergraduates receiving any financial aid: 100%
Average amount of federal, state, local or institutional grant aid received: $15,005.00

Medical Assistant Programs at Brescia University

Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist
Award: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Scholarships at Brescia University

Albert S. Ingalls, Jr. Scholarship
Alexander & Company Accounting Scholarship
Alfred H. Narwold Memorial Scholarship
Alma T. Meyer Memorial Scholarship
Alumni Tuition Discount
American Greetings Scholarships
AMT Member Scholarships
Anne Fluckey Lindseth Scholarship
Annette MacNeil Watson '29 Scholarship in Ceramics
ASCP Scholarships
Assistant Program Scholarships
Audrey '48 & Harvey Feinberg Scholarship
August C. Muckler Scholarship
Barbara Price Morrow '43 Scholarship for Excellence in Illustration
Bernard & Suzetta Mulligan Ebelhar Scholarship
Bernard Sherron Scholarship
Bernice & David E. Davis '48 Scholarship in Sculpture
Berwick Health & Wellness Nontraditional Scholarship Award
Billie Mahoney Gubler Scholarship
Bishop John McRaith Scholarship
Brescia University Alumni Association Scholarship
C.E. Field Scholarship Fund
C.H. Roberts Memorial Scholarship
Cappex Health Careers Scholarship
Carl Gaetner '24 Memorial Prize
Caroline Coit Scholarship
Catholic Schools Award for Excellence
Charles D. & Mary Gray Ralph Scholarship
Charles F. Mosgo '35 Memorial Award in Ceramics
Clara Rust Brigham Award
Clements Scholarship
Cleveland Art Association Scholarship
Cleveland Foundation-Leonard Krieger Fund Scholarship
Community Fund of Greater Lorain County
Cralle Foundation Scholarship
Cyril & Ruth Greulich Educational Endowment Scholarship
Dade Behring-Emil Von Behring Scholarship
Daimler Chrysler Corporation Scholarships (female)
Daimler Chrysler Corporation Scholarships (minority)
Daniel H. Straffon Memorial Scholarship
David Burke Memorial Scholarship
David C. Scott Scholarship
Daviess County Bar Association Scholarship
Dennis Buck '73 Scholarship for Excellence in Photography
Dental Hygiene & Dental Assistant Scholarship
Donnie Gedling Scholarship
Dorothe L. Niebes '37 Memorial Award in Painting
Dorothea Wright Hamilton Scholarship
Dorothy E. Buscher Scholarship
Dorothy Morrison Undergraduate Scholarship
Dorothy Rutka Porter Memorial Scholarship
Eastman '12-Bolton Memorial Prize
Ed & Louise Gipe Memorial Scholarship
EKW & Associates Accounting Scholarship
Eleanor A. & Jack D. Zipp Scholarship for Excellence in Glass
Elizabeth Hughes Crall '39 Prize in Illustration
Elizabeth Monarch Speech Scholarship
Ellen L. Garms Memorial Scholarship
Elsie Mathews Houck Scholarship
Elsie Vick Shaw Memorial Award
Erwin J. Paulli Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Interior Design
Father John F. Kramer Memorial Scholarship
Fay Alvin & Floretta Snyder Gehres Scholarship
Ferro Corporation Scholarships in Craft
First Agnes Gund Traveling Award
Florence Henderson Voice Scholarship
Forum for Concerns of Minorities Scholarship
Frances Mong Trawick Scholarship
Frances P. Taft Scholarship
Frances V. Kaufman Scholarship
Frances Wise Lang Painting Scholarship
Francis J. Meyers '51 Scholarship for Excellence in Drawing
Frank N. Wilcox '10 Memorial Prize
Fred J. Clements Award for Excellence in Science
Fred Walker Writing Prize
Frederick Miller '40 Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Jewelry & Metal
Freshmen Scholarship & Grant Awards
Gallery Group Scholarship
General Motors Corporation Scholarships
George & Betty Allard Scholarship
George G. Adomeit Memorial Scholarship
George Gund Scholarship
George W. Codrington Foundation Scholarship
Gertrude Horning Award for Excellence in Medical Illustration
Greysmith Scholarship
Guy Cowan Pottery Association Scholarship in Ceramics
H.C. Cassill Scholarship in Printmaking
Hazel Haynes Schmitkons '61 Scholarship for Excellence in Painting
Helen Greene Perry Traveling Scholarship
Henkel Consumer Adhesives Duck Brand Just Imagine Scholarship
Henkel Consumer Adhesives Duck Brand Just Imagine Sculpture Scholarship
Henry B. Payne Scholarship
Henry G. Keller (Class of 1892) Memorial Award for Excellence in Drawing
Herbert A. White Memorial Scholarship
Herbert & Nettie Borstein Scholarship for Education in Art
Horace Potter (Class of 1898) Memorial Scholarship
Hugh Greenlee '49 Scholarship in Industrial Design
Isaac C. Goff Scholarship
J. Richard Greenwell Basketball Scholarship
J.B. Hocker Good Government Award
Jack Keeney Civitan Scholarship
James A. Gilmour Memorial Scholarship
James F. Cecil, Jr. Scholarship
James H. Pozzi, Class of 1968, Scholarship
James L. Bowles Continuing Scholars Award
Jane Iglauer Fallon '36 Scholarship in Craft
Jennie Jones Scholarship for Business & Art Awareness
Jimmy Mitchell Scholarship
John F. Puskas '52 Memorial Scholarship
John Huntington Fund for Educational Scholarship
John J. '38 & Olwen Benninger Scholarship
John Paul Miller '40 Scholarship in the Visual Arts
John Paul Miller '40 Sophomore Design Scholarship
John Paul Wrobbel '53 Painting Prize
John V. & Lena Baumgarten Scholarship
Joseph C. & Louis J. Motto '42 Scholarship
Joseph McCullough '48 Scholarship for Excellence in Painting
Joyce Seid '77 Scholarship for Excellence in Photography
Julian Stanczak '54 Scholarship in Drawing
Juliette A. Southard-Oral B Laboratories Scholarship Program
Justin Hood Memorial Scholarship
Keller-Seibert Scholarship for Excellence in Painting
Kelly Dreger Memorial Award in Painting
Kendall, Kelly Scholarships
Kenneth F. Bates Scholarship for Excellence in Enameling
Kozerefsky-Bogomolny Scholarship
Larry & Connie O'Bryan Scholarship
Larry Havre Kline Scholarship for Excellence in Photography
Laub Foundation Scholarship
Laura Shapero Prize in Sculpture
Laura Shapero Scholarship for Excellence in Interior Design
Lavega Clements Award for Excellence in History
Lester E. Yeager Scholarship
Lincoln Service Corporation Scholarship
Liza Noble '48 Scholarship for Excellence in Painting
Lucinda Clements Award for Excellence in Literature
Mae Verba Barlow Memorial Prize
Maggie Clements Religion Award
Majic Foundation Scholarship
Malcolm McBride Scholarship for Glass
Margaret Backer Scholarship
Margaret Eaton Taplin Scholarship
Margarite Hawkett Art Award
Martha M. Spindler '52 Scholarship for Excellence in Painting
Mary C. Page Memorial Scholarship
Mary Lynn Horth Memorial Scholarship
Mary Seymour Brooks Scholarship for Painting
Maxeen J. Stone '76 Scholarship for Photography
Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund
Meisel Family Scholarship
Melvin F. '52 & Beverly A. Butor Scholarship
Mildred S. Field Scholarships
Mildred Williams Eynon Wooddell '25 Scholarship
Ministry Formation Scholarship
Mira Greenough Robison Scholarship
Myrtle Waintrup Givelber '31 Prize
Nancy Dunn Memorial Scholarship
Nesnadny & Schwartz Scholarship for Excellence in Graphic Design
Nordson Corporation Scholarship
Norita Wyse Berman Memorial Award for Excellence in Painting
Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates Scholarship
Otto F. Ege Memorial Scholarship
Owensboro Herb Society Scholarship
Owensboro Lions Club Scholarship
Owensboro Medical Health Systems Pre-Med Scholarship
Paul B. Gallo Memorial Scholarship
Paul Travis '17 Award for Excellence in Painting
Pauline Graver Biskink '22 Prize for Painting
Pauline K. Junke Scholarship
Permanent Scholarship
Philip B. Hayden Memorial Scholarship
Priscilla Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Viktor Schreckengost '29 Scholarship Awards
Virginia Stout Fitzgerald CSD Scholarship
Walter & Florence Vorbleski Scholarship Award
Wenda Von Wiese '75 Scholarship in Fiber
Wendell H. Ford Health Career Scholarship
Whelan-Onischak Award
Willard W. Combes '24 Memorial Scholarship in Illustration
William E. Ward '47 & Evelyn Svec Ward Memorial Scholarship in Fiber
William M. Elmer Scholarship
William M. McVey '28 Scholarship for Excellence in Sculpture
William Mathewson Milliken Scholarship
William O. Frohring Graphic Design Award
William Quattrocchi Memorial Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst
Wimsatt Health Scholarship
Women's Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)
Ralph Marshall Memorial Award
Ralph W. Woehrman '66 Scholarship in Drawing
Ranney Scholarship
Raymond B. Preston Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Research Awards - Grants Program
Riney, Hancock, & Company Accounting Scholarship
Robert & Miriam '33 Peck Scholarship
Robert Jergens '60 Scholarship for Excellence in Foundation Design
Robert McDowell Piano Scholarship
Roche Diagnostics Scholarship
Rolf & Maria Stoll Memorial Scholarship
Roy P. Hess '48 Scholarship for Excellence in Industrial Design
Ruth M. French Graduate or Undergraduate Scholarship
Sara Mattsson Anliot Award for Excellence in Weaving
Second Agnes Gund Traveling Award
Selma A. Walzer Painting Scholarship in Honor of Professor Louis Bosa
Senator Gates F. Young Scholarship
Sharon Lynn Kumin Scholarship for Excellence in Interior Design
Simplistic Pictures Animation Award
Sister Alberts Birkhead Memorial Scholarship
Sister Aloise Boone Memorial Scholarship
Sister Annette Rutledge Scholarship
Sister Casimir Czurles Biology Scholarship
Sister Francesca Hazel Memorial Scholarship
Sister George Ann Cecil Leadership Scholarship
Sister George Ann Cecil Scholarship
Sister Marguerite Younger Scholarship
Sister Marita Greenwell, OSU Scholarship
Sister Mary Carmel Browning Kentucky Literature Scholarship
Sister Mary Cecilia Payne Education Scholarship
Sister Mary Constance Rapp Scholarship
Sister Mary Jean Cotter Annual Art Award
Sister Robert Irene O'Brien Golden Scholarship
St. Angela Merici Scholarship
Sue Wall Scholarship
Susan Lipman Award for Excellence in Illustration
Sybil J. Gould '31 Scholarship in Drawing & Graphic Arts
Sybil J. Gould '31 Scholrship in Drawing & Graphic Arts
Ted Frost '88 Traveling Scholarship
Theophilia Joan Oexmann Art Award
Third Agnes Gund Traveling Award
Ursuline Scholarship


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